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In the first place she was pure as a child, and her thoughts wandered into no forbidden regions; in the next I amused the count and made a sop for that lion without claws or mane. I found an excuse for my visits which seemed plausible to every one.

Their look was outward, on a world which had dealt her hard blows and few favours, but in which her interest was still fresh, amused and unabated. Amherst glanced at his watch. "Never mind Duplain will be later still. I had to go into Hanaford, and he is replacing me at the office." "So much the better, dear: we can have a minute to ourselves. Sit down and tell me what kept you."

"Somehow, he's going to have to accentuate any legends he may be able to find which present a favorable light on co-ordination and co-operation, and he'll have to invent more. And all those other legends the ones which treat of superstition and destructive force will have to be reduced to the realm of the storybook, submerged under a layer of amused condemnation, and kept there.

Prince Aribert became suave, even deferential to Nella, and more friendly towards Nella's father than their respective positions demanded. The latter amused himself by studying this sprig of royalty, the first with whom he had ever come into contact.

Hsiang-lien felt amused and angry with him, but forthwith giving his horse also the rein, he followed in his track, while Hsueeh P'an continued to stare ahead. The moment he turned back, he unawares caught sight of Hsiang-lien, and his spirits rose within him, as if he had got hold of some precious thing of an extraordinary value.

In view of what he remembered of the next twenty-four hours, Allan was secretly amused. His father was sure that the War would run on to mid-1946. After dinner, they returned to the porch, Hartley père smoking a cigar and carrying out several law books. He only glanced at these occasionally; for the most part, he sat and blew smoke rings, and watched them float away.

The minister looked amused but did not offer to take it: "That's all right," he said pleasantly, "We don't keep boarders you know. You were welcome to what we could give you." "But, my dear sir, I couldn't think of not remunerating you," declared Laurie. "And I couldn't think of taking it," smiled the minister. "Well, then take it for your poor people," he insisted.

Jack had often amused himself at the expense of the anthropophagi, but here he was actually within their grasp. Though death terminates the sorrows and the sufferings of man, and though the result is the same in whatever shape it comes, yet there are circumstances which cause its approach to be regarded with terror and dismay.

He got up at his leisure and greeted 'old Tamar, with his sleepy, amused sort of smile, and a few trite words of kindness. So Tamar withdrew to prepare tea; and he said, all at once, with a sudden accession of energy, and an unpleasant momentary glare in his eyes 'You know, Rachel, this sort of thing is all nonsense. You cannot go on living like this; you must marry you shall marry.

The price of living has been increasing steadily with the organization of each industry into a trust. Where will it end?" Bivens's eyes narrowed to the merest points of concentrated light, while an amused smile played about them as he listened patiently to the doctor's tirade. When at last the big figure towering above him paused for breath, he remarked quietly: "The trust is here to stay, Doctor.

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