And most of the profession nearly do so; while some, by merest luck, have managed to struggle on until they stumbled upon some professional gold mine. I have heard many stories of how some young men managed to pull success out of disaster when the odds seemed overwhelming. One which has particularly appealed to me I shall call the anecdote of The Most Capable Young Lawyer in New York.

Tarrano selected his spot a tiny little cone of rock no bigger than his thumb. He beckoned Elza. "Stand close, and watch. You shall see how from the merest spark, a conflagration may ensue." The cylinder in his hand darted forth a needle-like shaft a light of intense purple. It touched the tiny cone of rock, and he held it there. "A moment. Be patient, my Elza."

In another minute I had seen him and told my tale. The doctor received my gushings with perfect impassivity, and responded with the merest apology for a grunt. But the repeated allusion to flowing blood seemed at last to rouse him. He seized a black bag that stood on the table, thrust in the necessary tackle, and said, "Come along."

Indeed she did, she told us. She used to see him often, in front of his house, putting bits of bread on the railing for the birds. He did not like to see anything wasted, she said. The merest scrap of information, but genuine and pleasing; an instantaneous photograph only, but it makes a pretty vignette in the volume of my reminiscences.

You'd better ask Philip; it was he who brought him here." "I met him accidentally in the street," Philip answered, with an apologetic shrug, by no means well pleased at being thus held responsible for all the stranger's moral and social vagaries. "It's the merest chance acquaintance. I know nothing of his antecedents.

It was the merest monochrome roughing in of a head, but it presented the dumb waiting, the longing, and, above all, the hopeless enslavement of the man, in a spirit of bitter mockery. 'I'll buy it, said Dick, promptly, 'at your own price. 'My price is too high, but I dare say you'll be as grateful if The wet sketch, fluttered from the girl's hand and fell into the ashes of the studio stove.

To no one did he reveal his abiding-place, and it was the merest tradition of little authority that a man from Brodonowski's had once been taken to his studio.

Their mother, even when she grew more composed, could not be severe after so nearly losing them; but although unwilling to terrify them by a recital of the awful fate from which the subaltern had saved them by the merest chance, she impressed upon them again and again her oft-repeated warning that they must never leave the garden alone.

"Yes!" the one word came in merest whisper from her, then leaning closer to him, she went on: "But do you know, George, the import of the foul Mark?" "I believe I do!" he whispered back. "I believe it is what our Scriptures call the 'Mark of the Beast. If that be so, as I am convinced it is, it is the brand of the Anti-christ and "

Elsley had wandered, he hardly knew how or whither, for his calling to Mellot was the merest blind, stumbling over rocks, bruising himself against tree-trunks, to this wall. He knew they must pass it. He waited for them, and had his reward.