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A thought, a feeling, an act, may reveal a complete soul. My ideas, my sensations, are like me. How would such facts be possible, if the multiple unity of the ego did not present the essential characteristic of vibrating in its entirety in the depths of each of the parts descried or rather determined in it by analysis? All physical determinations envelop and imply each other reciprocally.

Did I dare reveal that I had companions, and by so doing expose those helpless lads to the unbridled fury of these maniacal beings, filled with the low cunning and insatiable curiosity of the insane? No; a thousand times, no! Rather would I perish first. At all hazards I would protect them such was my instantaneous determination.

Some tone or stray word, never intended to reach her ear, had been enough to reveal the truth concerning her baby. "Hush! hush!" he said, with more love in his heart than had moved there for many months, and therefore more in his tone than she had heard for as many; "if you cry you will be ill. Hush, my dear!"

"The audacity of the fellow!" exclaimed the "King," who was the first to recover. "But Calypso!" I cried. The "King" laid his hand on my shoulder, reassuringly. "Don't be afraid for her," he said. "I know my daughter." "But I love her!" I cried, thus blurting out in my anguish what I had designed to reveal in some tranquil chosen hour.

In Dublin and in many private Irish collections can be found hand-written books of parchment, illuminated with glowing colors that time has scarce affected or the years caused to fade. They are there by the thousand: a magnifying glass is required to reveal even a fragment of them. Ireland produced these in endless number every great library or collection in Europe possesses one or more examples.

It may be an owl's head with mother-of-pearl eyes, or a wooden pelican's beak, or a wolf's head. It may be a wooden animal's face, which can be pulled apart by a string, and reveal under it an effigy of a human face, the first masque changing into great ears.

To this day nothing more is positively known of the real origin of the scheme of the King's abduction than Joyce allowed himself to reveal. Royalist and Presbyterian writers attribute the act directly to Cromwell.

It would be short-sighted policy to accept the set of conditions against which we struggled, and to explain them in terms of the I.G., without looking more closely into the pre-war activities of this organisation. Such an examination may reveal the basic forces which determined our inferior position in chemical warfare at the outbreak of war.

So characteristic of it is this power, so eminent and shining, that thence only springs the sweet and almost sacred quality breathing from the word itself. Idealism, indeed, by the garment of sense does not so much clothe wisdom as reveal her beauty; so the Greek sculptor discloses the living form by the plastic folds.

Strictly speaking, no doubt, I had no right to take sides; and, though secrecy had not been enjoined upon me in so many words, I was very well aware that Alexander was under the impression that I would keep the thing under my hat and not reveal to either party the test that awaited him. Each candidate was, of course, to remain ignorant that he was taking part in anything but a friendly game.