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He leaped from his chair and ran to the instrument, to the clicking of which he eagerly and intently listened. The vast society of Prussian patriots had met. The delegates had been long in arriving, for, although the utmost secrecy had been used, the royal police had got wind of their presence in the capital and of the proposed assemblage.

This secrecy would be maintained till he himself, and a small committee of the Royal Society, should have time to investigate and verify for themselves the Professor's beautiful and ingenious processes an investigation and verification which the learned Professor himself both desired and suggested.

"What a happy dog you are, Lewis!" said our hero: "how is it that you live better than I do?" "You might live as well as I, if you were inclined," said Lewis. Our hero was all curiosity; and Lewis exacted from him an oath of secrecy. A long pause ensued. "Have you the courage," said Lewis, "to extricate yourself from all your difficulties at once?"

Beaurain was conducted thither, in great secrecy, on the 17th July, 1523, by two of the duke's gentlemen, and passed two days there shut up in a room adjoining the constable's apartment, never emerging save at night to transact business with him.

After a good deal of hesitation and the exaction of pledges of deep secrecy, Paouda consented to take B., and myself as B.'s friend, to see Domani and the three daughters, by whom B. was received quite as one of the family, while I was courteously welcomed on his account. This scene made an impression upon me which is not yet effaced.

Lily had a small but rather involved scheme simply for her own ends, which did not seem to call for much virtue, but rather the contrary. Lily had overheard Arnold Carruth and Johnny Trumbull and Lee Westminster and another boy, Jim Patterson, planning a most delightful affair, which even in the cases of the boys was fraught with danger, secrecy, and doubtful rectitude.

We were absorbed and silent, and Lucrezia was delighted to find us so calm when she returned. We had no need to warn each other to observe secrecy. Donna Lucrezia was devoid of prejudice, but there was no need to give her a piece of useless information. We felt certain that she had left us alone, so as not to be a witness of what we were going to do.

Let him know the precise situation and circumstances of the family by all means. There is nothing so mischievous as secrecy: I have the greatest dislike to it. I beg you tell him all." "I will; and with it, Henry, I will tell him that my heart is irrevocably Flora's."

"I verily believe he will sleep the quieter for knowing for a certainty what has become of poor Peregrine," said her husband. And Anne felt as if half her burthen of secrecy was gone when they all parted, starting early because the Black Gang rendered all the roads unsafe after dark. "He looked about as one betrayed, What hath he done, what promise made?

"But if you were to teach me the cabala, you would impart to me these holy names?" "Certainly, but I cannot reveal them except to my successor. If I violate this command I should lose my knowledge; and this condition is well calculated to insure secrecy, is it not?" "It is, indeed. Unhappy that I am, your successor will be, of course, Manon."

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