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"Jordan. Tom Jordan," the older man finally said. "A nice old Earth name. I suppose your folks came from there." "Yes, sir," the new man said briskly. The chief closed the folder. "Well," he said, "your first job is a pretty important one." "I realize that, sir," Jordan said. "I know it's a great responsibility for a man just starting with the Commission, but I'll give it every thing I have."

I must start home as soon as I can return this horse to the owner and secure another. I would even buy a good mare, for I stand in need of one on my farm." "At least thou must refresh thyself before starting," said the Governor's wife cordially, and she set about getting dinner at once.

Keith bowed politely, but preserved silence. "I was mad enough to do it, but I didn't, and them that says I done it lies." She flushed, but looked him straight in the face. "Oh, that's all right," said Keith, civilly, starting to move on. "I wish they would let me and my affairs alone," she began. "They're always a-talkin' about me, and I never done 'em no harm.

Elwyn had meant to be away from London but Chance, so carelessly kind a friend to him in the past, at last proved cruel, for surely it was Chance and Chance alone that led him, on the very eve of the day he was starting for Norway, straight across the quiet square, composed of high Georgian houses, where the Bellairs still lived.

The point uppermost in their minds was to find some one with whom they could trust their store and goods, and this young man from the country, with a letter from a minister, seemed a godsend. They engaged him, but just as he was starting, with heart swelling with self-satisfaction and joy, one of the firm asked, carelessly, "Where are you staying?" "At Gavin's Hotel."

'Why, whispered Sikes, 'as you cross the lawn 'Yes? said the Jew, bending his head forward, with his eyes almost starting out of it. 'Umph! cried Sikes, stopping short, as the girl, scarcely moving her head, looked suddenly round, and pointed for an instant to the Jew's face. 'Never mind which part it is.

As if they were starting on a difficult expedition together, they parcelled out their duties between them, writing out an elaborate scheme of hours upon a large sheet of paper which was pinned to the drawing-room door.

The valet replied by imprinting a hot kiss upon her moist, red lips; but at that moment the lady saw that it was not her husband who had ravished the kiss. Starting up in bed she exclaimed, in mingled surprise and alarm 'Good heavens, who is this? Fellow, what do you want, how dare you enter this chamber?

He gave me a shove across the threshold, while the door closed itself silently behind us. He took me into a room which was not unlike a marine store of the better sort. In the middle of the room a table was laid for dinner. Mr. Jermyn made me eat a hearty meal before starting, which I did. As I ate, he fidgeted about among some lockers at my back.

This feat could not be done, and in attempting it Betsy Jane upset Maggie's tea upon her handsome traveling dress, eliciting from her mother the exclamation, "Betsy Jane Douglas, you allus was the blunderin'est girl!" This little accident diverted the woman's mind from Mike, while Madam Conway, starting at the name of Douglas, thought to herself: "Douglas! Douglas!