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She suddenly perceived the picture of a handsome boy, far back in one of the pigeon-holes, and with the familiarity born of country intercourse, she looked intently at it, remarking upon the boy’s beauty. “A child whom I loved very much,” said Hosmer. “He’s dead,” and he closed the desk, turning the key in the lock with a sharp click which seemed to addand buried.”

Listening intently, he was able to hear the soft footfall of the warrior upon the leaves, scarcely louder than the faint tipping of the claw of a small bird. Had the Shawanoe suspected there was the slightest need for care, his tread would have been silent. A few seconds passed when the delicate sound ceased. What could it mean? Did the Indian suspect the truth?

Therewith she stood on her feet and turned her face to the Great Roof, and gazed long at it, not heeding the crone by her side; and she muttered words of whose signification the other knew not, though she listened intently, and gazed ever at her as closely as might be.

"Forgetting that I exist?" Stuart looked at her intently a moment and said, gravely: "As if any man who ever knew you, could forget!" "I don't like your attitude, Jim, and I think we'd better fight it out here and now in the beginning of this trip." "And what is my offense?" "Not offense, but defense." "Why Nan!" "It's useless to deny it," she said banteringly.

"It passes my compr'ension what fun dey find runnin' like child'n arter butterflies, an' beetles, an' sitch like varmint. My massa am de wisest man on eart', yet he go a little wild dat way too sometimes!" Moses looked at the Dyak boy with a puzzled expression, but as the Dyak boy did not understand English, he looked intently at the fire, and said nothing.

Only one streak of luck brightened the gloom in his heart. A yellow emperor had emerged in the night, and now occupied the place of yesterday's luna. She never need know it was not the one he wanted, and it would make an excuse for the colour box. He was watching intently and saw her coming a long way off. He noticed that she looked neither right nor left, but came straight as if walking a bridge.

He did not at all know how intently and exclusively he looked at her; how reverential and yet masterful was his attitude; and the sweet consciousness that sat on her down-dropped eyelids and tenderly flushed cheeks acted as no warning to him, but only as an incentive to persevere. The situation became patent to Janetta, when she stood up to sing.

In 1859 it stood, "Further, we must suppose that there is a power always intently watching each slight accidental alteration," &c.

'I'll take a chair, if you'll allow me, ma'am, said the stranger. He took one; and drawing a spectacle-case from his pocket, leisurely pulled out a pair of spectacles, which he adjusted on his nose. 'You don't know me, ma'am? he said, looking so intently at Arabella that she began to feel alarmed. 'No, sir, she replied timidly.

Brett always liked people to talk in the way they deemed best suited to their own interests. Without any expostulation, therefore, he followed his limping host into a luxuriously furnished dressing-room. Capella closed the door, and placed himself gently on a couch. "Does your friend fight?" he said, fixing his dark eyes, blazing with anger, intently on the other.