It was only as he plodded along the Tavistock Road, limping in the regulation shoes, that the American remembered that he had quite omitted to ask the convict any questions. He had parted with his mackintosh, and it was pouring. Tavistock was two miles off, and he had no notion what trains there were to Plymouth. Yet he regretted nothing, and at times a queer smile flitted over his countenance.

Perhaps some bright idea may come to me, too, over the wine. I'll go to the Black Bear, where I always meet fellow-soldiers." Then he raised his hand with a gay farewell salute, and left the room. As soon as the captain's limping steps died away on the stairs, Wolf summoned all his courage and moved nearer to Barbara.

Would you succeed, young sir, you must model yourself upon him as nearly as may be." "And he was limping, you say?" inquired Barnabas, thoughtfully. "And serve him right, sir egad! I say damme! he should limp in irons to Botany Bay and stay there if I had my way." "Did you happen to notice the color of his coat?" inquired Barnabas again. "Ay, 't was green, sir; but what of it have you seen him?"

It was some distance from our house to the village a good hour's walk. Barberin never said a word to me the whole way. He walked along, limping. Now and again he turned 'round to see if I was following. Where was he taking me? I asked myself the question again and again.

During Holy Week a strange multitude thronged the hilly streets of Le Puy, pedlars from Languedoc and Provence and Catalonia, leading their mules laded with leather goods, oil, wool, webs of cloth, or wines of Spain in goat-skins; lords a-horseback and ladies in wains, artisans and traders pacing on their mules, with wife or daughter perched behind, Then came the poor pilgrim folk, limping along, halting and hobbling, stick in hand and bag on back, panting up the stiff climb.

Ere he had scarce finished his little speech he had turned and was limping off toward the forecastle with the very apparent intention of forestalling any further conversation. They did not see him again for several days, nor did the captain accord them more than the surliest of grunts when he was forced to speak to them.

She says the man she saw night before last was right here, just a few yards from this Number Seven sleeping porch; and, it seemed to her, he made straight for the board fence. We'll follow in his footsteps. That will take up to the fence in the middle of the rear line of Number Seven's lot." He was following this route as he talked, Bristow limping a few yards behind him.

My preliminary investigations being thus well ended, and the morning ended too, I piped all hands to dinner; that is to say, I whistled to my cat who had been sitting still and watching me pretty solemnly, his friskiness being for the time taken out of him by the pain in his paw and when he perceived that I was paying some attention to him again he came limping to me on his three good legs and said with a miau that if I pleased he would prefer going to his dinner in my arms.

So trailing north with old Limping George, his fat klootch, and two half-grown Siwash youths, Hazel bore steadily across country, driving as straight as the rolling land allowed for the cabin that snuggled in a woodsy basin close up to the peaks that guard Pine River Pass.

The same, a little nearer, a little louder, followed this time, not by silence, but by the slow tread of a limping horse.