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"We'll sell it when I'm sixty," ses Ginger, nasty-like. "Then old Sam won't be 'ere to have 'is share," ses Peter. Sam was just going to answer 'em back, when he stopped and began to smile instead.

But pray tell me, is my cavalier friend up at this early hour, for I would confer with him." Giles cast a quick glance at the speaker, then letting his eyes fall, said: "That he is, and little hath he slept this night, for 'twas late ere he arrived, and when I arose I heard him walking about."

Hardly, however, had they done this, ere Frank joyfully exclaimed "It is all for the best after all, and that I'll soon convince you of, Master Vernon.

Her father, the Duke of Brabant, had ere he died appointed his most powerful vassal, one Frederick of Telramund, to be her guardian; but he, seeking only the advancement of his own ends, shamefully abused the confidence of his lord.

As she bent her head slightly to Vivian, ere she hastened back to her companions to announce the success of her mission, it seemed to him that he had never beheld so animated and beaming a countenance, or glanced upon a form of such ineffable and sparkling grace. "You would scarcely imagine, Mr.

But you forget that the affront descended like a benediction into the pouch of the old gaberlunzie, who overflowed in blessings upon the generous donor long ere he would have thanked thee, Darsie, for thy barren veneration of his beard and his bearing.

Mason to lose no time in taking steps to prevent the false marriage. He referred him to me for assistance. I used all despatch, and am thankful I was not too late: as you, doubtless, must be also. Were I not morally certain that your uncle will be dead ere you reach Madeira, I would advise you to accompany Mr.

These may be the last hours permitted by the gods to our friendship. I must not lose one of them. I went not there again. Late on the evening of the following day Fausta returned her countenance betraying what she had suffered in parting from those two, her bosom friends. It was long ere she could possess herself so far as to give to Gracchus and myself a narrative of what had occurred.

"You can, sir!" "I am sure of it. Take that note to Miss Meredyth, ask to see her personally. Don't mention my name. Give her that letter, and if, when she has read it, she will come with you, bring her here, because I must see her, and to-night." It was Alice Betts who opened the door to Mrs. Bonner. "Oh, good evening, Mrs. Bonner!" "I didn't come 'ere to bandy no words with you," said Mrs.

Once, when he had lain thus a whole morning, hardly speaking a word, I began to feel growing palpable the truth which day by day I had thrust behind me as some intangible, impossible dread that ere now people had died of mere soul-sickness, without any bodily disease.