"I don't," spoke up Old Pete, shuffling by on his bandy legs, "sometimes that quiet, soft-spoken kind rises an' then hell's to pay in their veecinity." But Wylackie looked at the weazened snow-packer with his snake-like eyes and snapped out a warning. "Some folks takes sides too quick, sometimes." But Old Pete went on about his business.

To exchange commonplaces with the man who held the woman he loved by an evil hold, who owned a power so baneful, so foul to bandy words with such an one was beyond him. He could only glare at him in speechless indignation. "You bear malice, I fear," the big man said. There was no doubt that he was master of the situation.

"Young man, young man," I think to myself, "if your shoulders were bent like a bandy and your knees bowed out as mine be, till there is not an inch of straight bone or gristle in 'ee, th' wouldstn't go doing hard work for play 'a b'lieve." 'True, true, upon my song.

It had bandy legs and granulated eyelids, and seemed to be dumb. It had started them off on eugenics. She was very keen on the subject; Ferguson, being a big scientist, had some reserves. It was a real argument. "Then everything happened at once. Tow-head with the sore eyes rocked onto the track simultaneously with the whistle. They were about fifty yards off.

A moving mass of dirty white, low down against the encircling darkness, bandy legs, and great grinning mouth. The bull-dog stood up, whining, fawning upon her, thrusting his heavy head into her hand. "Why Camp, good old friend, what brings you here? Are you, too, homeless to-night? But why have you deserted your master?" And then Lady Calmady's panic fears took on another aspect.

A black servant, who reposed on the box beside the fat coachman, uncurled his bandy legs as soon as the equipage drew up opposite Miss Pinkerton's shining brass plate; and as he pulled the bell at least a score of young heads were seen peering out of the narrow windows of the stately old brick house.

"Any man can do pretty near what he wants if he has the will." "What is will?" "Oh determination." "You got plenty 'termination, I suppose." This with a teasing smile. Mahooley looked at her sharply. "Look here, what are you getting at?" he demanded. "Not'ing." "I'm no hand to bandy words. I'm plain spoken. I go direct to a thing." Bela shrugged. "You can't play with me, you know.

And it is a happiness that is free from any coarse intermixture. The badinage is childish enough, but it has none of the foul slang in which an English crowd delights to express its notions of humour. The girls bandy "chaff" with their disguised lovers, but the "chaff" is what their mothers might hear. There is none of the brutal horseplay of home.

"Take yourself off, you drunken lout, you! How dare you lay a hand upon my guest. Know you not that he who harms the guest of a true believer is accursed?" "Na, na, na!" laughed the Janissary mockingly, "are you mad, my worthy Balukji, that you bandy words with the flowers of the Prophet's garden, with Begtash's sons, the valiant Janissaries?

He was a little old man, grotesque and misshapen, yet he followed briskly after the burros, which were the fastest travelers of their kind in the land. He rolled on his bandy legs and kept the little animals on a constant trot with the wisp of stick he carried and the deep, harsh cries that heralded his coming for a mile ahead and sent the echoes reverberating between the cañon walls.