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"Damn it, man, I can't read the paper and eat an egg!" snapped the Major. "Out with your lie, whatever it is!" "Master Larry's chosen for the Member in place of Prendergast," said Evans, sulkily. If Evans had been unfortunate in the way in which his sensation had been led up to, its reception left him nothing to desire. Dick was stricken to an instant of complete silence.

It's a fool way, and, besides, it's a brutal, unmanly way." "I guess you'd better stop, right where you are, Mister Reade!" snapped Leon, an ugly scowl coming to his face. "I don't have to take any such talk as that from you, even if you are the boss. You may be the boss here, but I'm older and I've seen more of the world.

Be sure that without our strong garrison in Julich they would have snapped up every city in Julich, Cleve, and Berg. But they will now try to make use of their slippery tricks, their progress having been arrested by our army.

"Nan!" he repeated, and something in the tone of his voice as he uttered the little name seemed to catch at Sandy's heart-strings and sent a sudden unmanageable lump up into his throat. "Yes, Nan," he answered. Then, with a rush: "She's gone . . . gone away with Maryon Rooke." The penholder snapped suddenly. Peter tossed the pieces aside and rose quietly to his feet. "When?" he asked tensely.

Llewellyn's arm jerked convulsively toward his body and knocked his glass from the table. "Joseph, for God's sake, bring me a drink! Bring me a double absinthe!" Joseph fetched the drink hurriedly, and stopped to pick up the broken glass. "Mon dieu!" snapped Llewellyn, "you can do that afterward. Clear out!"

"He told you then that Ja-don must not pass with the stranger?" "No but " "Then let them pass, for they are three to two and will pass anyway we have done our best." Grumbling, the priest stepped aside. "Lu-don will exact an accounting," he cried angrily. Ja-don turned upon him. "And get it when and where he will," he snapped.

He played his cards very well, and feeling changed towards him as a result. "'I have sent two officers down the road, sir, replied the Colonel. "'What the d s the use of detailing unmounted officers for the job? snapped General Stockwell. The Colonel said something else, and the General replied, 'That's no excuse.

The young girl on the bench beside him laughed joyously, and Mr. Baron Garrow nodded round at her, then snapped viciously at me: "You don't make your case any better by this sort of foolery." His eyes glared at me like an awakened owl's. I said, "I'm fighting for my neck... and you'll have to fight, too, to get it." The old judge said angrily, "Silence, or you will have to be removed."

"I'm not!" snapped Colin. "I'm not as selfish as your fine Dickon is! He keeps you playing in the dirt when he knows I am all by myself. He's selfish, if you like!" Mary's eyes flashed fire. "He's nicer than any other boy that ever lived!" she said. "He's he's like an angel!" It might sound rather silly to say that but she did not care. "A nice angel!" Colin sneered ferociously.

"Do you mean Welcome Robin's song?" he asked rather sheepishly, for he had a feeling that he would be the victim of Jenny Wren's sharp tongue. "No, I don't mean Welcome Robin's song," snapped Jenny. "What good are a pair of long ears if they can't tell one song from another?