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Described as being directly over the eyes, they haunted him until his death, and may have had a good deal to do with the absinthe addiction he acquired. The problem of Oscar Wilde raises an ethical question that still remains to be finally answered.

I put the glass on the mantelpiece and picked it up again. 'Don't be frightened, he soothed me. 'I know what you were going to say. You have always heard that absinthe is the deadliest of all poisons, that it is the curse of Paris, and that it makes the most terrible of all drunkards. So it is; so it does. But not as we are drinking it; not as I invariably drink it.

Nobody took them seriously except themselves, and for the most part they were bad rhymesters of decadent verse. Shirley was astonished to see so many of them busily engaged smoking cigarettes and imbibing glasses of a pale-green beverage, which Jefferson told her was absinthe. "When do they read?" she asked. "When do they attend lectures?"

It resumes its dominion over one at once on seeing it again, and it seems as if one had never left it. I have hardly unpacked my trunks, and here I am again transformed into a Parisian." "Paris is like absinthe!" said Guy. "As soon as one uncorks the bottle, one commences to drink it again." "Absinthe! there you are indeed, you Frenchmen, who everlastingly calumniate your country.

He laughed at the days when he had thought of the priesthood, blushed when he ran across any of those tender and exquisite old verses he had written in his youth, and became addicted to absinthe and other less peculiar drinks, and to gaming a little to escape a madness of ennui.

At long intervals French villages, with the dwellings in ruins, the fields untilled, the maddened locusts gnawing even the window-blinds, and all the settlers in the drinking-places, absorbing absinthe and discussing projects of reform and the Constitution.

Absinthe is rather hard to get out here, I should imagine, but they might have a green brand of whiskey they'd sell for it. But that Frenchman ought to know the genuine stuff. However, we'll see." Carrying his limp, leather bag, which had served him in such good stead when he entered the lavatory, the colonel slouched silently along the road.

She sat on a divan between two domino parties, and was hardly noticed by the fanatics of that bony diversion. Recognizing Ambroise, she made a sign to him. It was some minutes before he could reach her table; he had other orders. When he did, she said she wanted some absinthe. He stared at her. Yes, absinthe she had discarded iced wines. The doctor told her that cold wine was dangerous.

Father Absinthe hastened to obey; and as soon as the books were brought, M. Tabaret began turning the pages with an eager hand, like a person seeking some word in a dictionary. "Esbayron," he muttered, "Escars, Escayrac, Escher, Escodica at last we have it Escorval! Listen attentively, my boy, and you will be enlightened." This injunction was entirely unnecessary.

He had poured himself out a second cup and was emptying into it the remainder of the carafe of rum, so as to be ready for the toast as soon as Hégisippe had prepared his absinthe, when a familiar voice behind him caused him to start and drop the carafe itself into the teacup. "Well, I'm blessed!" said the voice. It was Clem Sypher, large, commanding, pink, and smiling.

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