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It was addressed to Austin and was in their father's handwriting: "Dear Austin, I have gotten things in shape to have you children come to me. I will send you tickets in a few days. In the meantime dispose of the things in the house excepting what you can bring in your trunks. Uncle John will help you do this and see that you get started all right.

Such a dim light as of a fabled, haunted place, such a soft suffusion of tender grey-green tones, such a company of gnarled and twisted little miniature trunks dwarfs playing with each other at being giants and such a shower of golden sparkles drifting in from the vivid west!

The temperature of the air rose to 34 degrees, heated by the reverberation from the white sands which form a line between the mangroves and the great trees of the forest. As the shore descends with a gentle slope, small tides are sufficient alternately to cover and uncover the roots and part of the trunks of the mangroves.

Bale and Bob returned by the early coach to London, as the boxes and trunks and the portable furniture had to be sent off, early, on board. Mr. Medlin was less surprised, at hearing that Bob was going to leave, than the latter had expected. "You know, Bob, I was away one day last week.

The native police were keeping clear a circle in which the dances were to take place, while the slanting trunks of the cocoanut-palms provided reserved seats for scores of tan and chocolate and coffee-colored youngsters.

"To sleep in a room seven by twelve, and be devoured by mosquitoes, and have to wear 'good clothes' all the time?" returned Mrs. Graham. "Certainly not." "Aunt Emily is going to the mountains," suggested Mr. Graham, doubtfully. "Yes," replied his wife, "with sixteen trunks, a maid, a footman, and three lapdogs! That would never do for Hilda."

Three days previously, she would have leaped to his neck and said: "How happy we shall be! I have you back; I have found you again! What joy!" Again, she would have tried to console him had he been suffering. Now, she remained passive, frozen, indifferent to that news. "We shall leave the Hôtel Beauvau!" said Sulpice. "I am already preparing to leave," she replied. "My trunks are packed."

I found no signs of the natives having lately frequented this bay or of any European vessels having been here since the Resolution and Discovery in 1777. From some of the old trunks of trees then cut down I saw shoots about twenty-five feet high and fourteen inches in circumference. In the evening I returned on board. Friday 22.

Trunks and luggage were carefully scrutinised, letters read line by line and word for word; revolvers and ammunition promptly confiscated if not declared; and even the clothing of the passengers was faithfully examined.

Then, but feebly, you will have visualised the Ambulance Ocean at La Panne as I saw it that first winter of the war. The town is built on the sand dunes, and is not unlike Ostend in general situation; but it is hardly more than a village. Such trees as there are grow out of the sand, and are twisted by the winds from the sea. Their trunks are green with smooth moss.

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