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The hall itself was a glass erection, and it was in design so like those miniature forcing-houses placed over cherished plants in a garden border that no one with any imagination could avoid feeling momentarily that it must have been placed there by some good-natured giant well disposed towards Thorhaven for the express purpose of making the Visitor "come on" during the seaside holiday.

But the mere antiquity of the ship made Hoddan hunt more carefully. He found a small compartment packed solidly with supplies. A supply-cabinet did not belong where it was. He hauled out stuff to make sure. It was ... it had been ... a machine shop in miniature.

At first she had found her bed too large perhaps through the sense of emptiness left by the loss of her child; then, day by day, other things seemed to grow too large, the dwelling itself, the familiar rooms, the alcove and its great flower-vases, even the household utensils. She wished to eat her rice with miniature chop-sticks out of a very small bowl such as children use.

So, in various little journeys, the miniature woman's curly head arose above the loaf, and the butter-dish, and even the milk-jug, held without spilling; while Isabel would have set out the tea-things with one hand, if Clara had not done it for her; and the workhouse girl finally appeared with the kettle.

M. Letourneur and Andre, who have visited the Hebrides, pronounced it to be a Fingal's cave in miniature; a Gothic chapel that might form a fit vestibule for the cathedral cave of Staffa.

He was an extraordinary case personally so modest that I could see it had never occurred to him. He had fallen in love with a painted sign and seemed content just to dream of what it stood for. He was the young prince in the legend or the comedy who loses his heart to the miniature of the out-land princess.

To see her now leaning her cheek against his the small soft face, almost a miniature of his own, the hair, a paler shade of the same bright colour, curling in the same elastic rings they looked less like ordinary father and daughter, than like a man and his good angel; the visible embodiment of the best half of his soul.

* Perhaps so; but what a delightful pastime for the Vicar of the Divinity! Trans. As Pierre came back through the wood he had another surprise. He suddenly lighted on a "Grotto of Lourdes," a miniature imitation of the original, built of rocks and blocks of cement. And such was his emotion at the sight that he could not conceal it. "It's true, then!" said he.

The box was priceless, the spreading trees in the miniature park no less so, and time, the unbribeable, alone could now have produced the wide, carefully cherished Victorian mansion. Likewise not purchasable by California gold was a grandfather whose name had been written large in the pages of American history.

The gale had hardly been blowing for ten or fifteen minutes, when the snow began to whirl down. It came in the tiniest possible flakes, consisting this time of short needles that looked like miniature spindles, strung with the smallest imaginable globules of ice no six-armed crystals that I could find so far. Many a snowstorm begins that way with us.