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In front of an alcove, or summer-house, on a rich carpet, sat a stout old man, in flowing robes, and long white beard, which hung down over his breast. We bowed low, and then stood still before him, for he did not offer us cushions to sit on; while Mr Vernon, paying the fullest compliments his knowledge of the language could command, opened his business.

Cherubino is hastily locked in an inner room, while Susanna slips Into an alcove. While the Count is plying his wife with angry questions, Cherubino clumsily knocks over a chair. The Count hears the noise, and quickly jumps to the conclusion that the page is hiding in the inner room.

But the magistrate could not yet clearly make out what kind of lady it might be, who called such things a library. The heavy velvet curtains, which made a kind of tent of the alcove, also had their secret: the young lady; raised the curtain and said naively, "This is my sleeping place." An embroidered quilt laid out on a plank, nothing more. Indeed, a curious, most remarkable education.

Her beady little black eyes were so tightly lodged in her head that it was not possible for her to elevate her brows in surprise. But she knew that this stain was blood. Ling Foo solemnly waved her aside when the task was done, and she slip-slapped into the household dungeon out of which she had emerged. Her lord and master returned to his alcove. Ah, but the pipe was good!

A third resumed the newspaper he had read for a whole hour before, and betook himself, at last, to the advertisements. A fourth repaired to the alcove, gathered some flowers, picked them to pieces, threw them away again, and returned. "Cease thy prating, thou never-resting time-piece!" said I to myself, "for no one heeds thy tale.

Jim and Paul, who, as usual, filled the role of housekeepers, took great delight in fitting up this forest home, which the fittingly called "The Alcove." The floor of solid stone was almost smooth, and with the aid of other heavy stones they broke off all projections, until one could walk over it in the dark in perfect comfort.

The red room was scarcely more than a cozy alcove set off the main reception-room, but it had a note of warmth, of friendly and seductive intimacy. Its walls whispered of tête-

From the neighboring alcove came a sigh like that he had heard in one of the corridors of the castle. "We are lost!" gasped he in a stifled voice. "They have surprised us." But she, clinging to him, her face illuminated by delirious joy, answered: "You love me! I am happy. What matters the rest?"

A barbaric damsel beginning to nibble at civilization, is nearer the mark; and ought she to be discouraged? Fleetwood's wrath with his position warned him against the dupery of any such alcove thoughts. For his wrath revenged him, and he feared the being stripped of it, lest a certain fund of his own softness, that he knew of; though few did, should pull him to the creature's feet.

"That's true, Tayoga, but while my feet are unwilling to go my will moves me on. So I'm entitled to more credit than you who take an actual physical de light in trailing anybody at any time." The Onondaga smiled, but did not reply. Then the three took up their arms, returned their packs to their backs and without noise left the alcove.

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