With a sudden gesture of loathing, she threw from her all these odious letters, as she would have shaken off some venomous reptile, and, running to the window, she wept bitterly. All her strength seemed to have left her; she sank on the ground, and, hiding her face in the curtains to stifle her moans, she sobbed in an agony of despair.

'Lieutenant Gerard of the Hussars of Bercheny. 'Quite so. There is not a more gallant officer in the Grand Army than Etienne Gerard. The three of us, Monsieur de Laval, should be equal to any adventure. 'I am at your disposal. 'Tell us then, mademoiselle, where Toussac is hiding. 'He is hiding at the Red Mill. 'But we have searched it, I assure you that he is not there.

"Come on, you coward!" he blustered, thinking I was afraid of him. "I'll soon let you know what it is to have a good hiding, my fine gentleman of a parson's son. You only floored me just now because you caught me unawares."

I darted out of my hiding place and ran to the wall, seized the top with my hands and drew myself up. Twice I let myself down again in sickly hesitation, and then with a third resolve scrambled up. The top was flat. Lying on it I had one parting glimpse of the sentries, still talking, still with their backs turned; but, I repeat, fifteen yards away.

Fisher, who had his own views about Joel, after closely regarding his singed eyebrows and black face; "lucky enough if he doesn't need considerable patching up," he muttered to himself, as he strode off to reconnoitre. "There's no use in your hiding," he said aloud, as if talking to some one.

At the present moment they are searching high and low for him, and I expect that no craft there will be permitted to leave till she has been thoroughly ransacked, to make sure that he and madame are not hiding there." "Ah, they are bad times, monsieur.

"He has acted peculiarly ever since I knew him. But to what particular peculiarity do you refer?" "His queer behavior. Several times I have seen him I am almost sure it was he hiding or crouching behind the sand hills at the rear of our bungalow." "You have? Why, I " He hesitated. Before he could go on or she continue, the rain came in a deluge. They reached the porch just in time.

But how bitter cold it will be for you! She saw in a moment the way to do it, sooner than I could tell her; and there was no time to lose. 'Now mind you never come again, she whispered over her shoulder, as she crept away with a childish twist hiding her white front from me; 'only I shall come sometimes oh, here they are, Madonna!

I was pretty near certain I'd seen smoke over there, about the head of the island, a day or two before that, so I says to myself, like as not that nigger's hiding over there; anyway, says I, it's worth the trouble to give the place a hunt. I hain't seen any smoke sence, so I reckon maybe he's gone, if it was him; but husband's going over to see him and another man.

No man from the Falling Wall country was Stone's superior in the craft of hiding; but none was Laramie's equal in the art of surprise; and Laramie meant, for once, to make an antagonist formidable from cover, show in the open.