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She tried to laugh with him, but it was a twisted grin. "Oh," she said and began to tremble. She saw his eyes melt to tenderness. "Oh, you poor little thing." She was conscious after that of the firm hand which held hers. The deep voice which soothed. Through all that blinding agony she was conscious of his call to courage she wondered if he had called his men like that over there

On the walls, covered with a cold sweat, as of deathless agony, we could see the staples; and there was one spot of a dreadful fascination, where Donald Douglas held his candle to show a trail of slimy moisture.

Right sweet and womanly it was, though full of pain even agony, I thought, but heroically suppressed. She soothed, she expostulated, she condoled, she coaxed. Mingled with hers was the voice of a youth, as it seemed. It was wild, yet so low as sometimes to be all but inaudible, and not a word from either could I distinguish.

Think of His agony in the garden, and then the hiding of His Father's face, and last of all the pouring out His soul unto death on the cross. Can you sing this chorus from your heart "Precious, precious, Precious is my Lord to me; Precious, precious, Everything in Him I see." Think of what we have been rescued from! Christ has redeemed us from sin, and death and hell.

"Yes, sir. I was only stretching my legs a bit, and this man tried to run me down." "Are you the man reported by the sentry as trying to desert?" "Me trying to desert, sir!" cried Samson, indignantly. "Do I look the sort o' man likely to desert, colonel, unless it was to get a good draught o' cider?" "But you were out of bounds, sir." "Father," began Fred, who was in agony, "let me "

It is now necessary to sketch rapidly the political transformations undergone by the country, from the early period down to the middle of the sixteenth century; the epoch when the long agony commenced, out of which the Batavian republic was born. The earliest chapter in the history of the Netherlands was written by their conqueror.

"I must believe in things," said Jon with a sort of agony; "we're all meant to enjoy life." Fleur laughed. "Yes; and that's what you won't do, if you don't take care. But perhaps your idea of enjoyment is to make yourself wretched. There are lots of people like that, of course." She was pale, her eyes had darkened, her lips had thinned. Was it Fleur thus staring at the water?

And Patience hardly knew what she herself wished, except that she wished that her sister might have everything that was good and joyous and prosperous. There was never a look of pain came across Clary's face, but Patience suffered some touch of inner agony. This feeling was so strong that she sympathised even with Clary's follies, and with Clary's faults.

At every thought that he fathomed, at every supposition which he made, he felt within him a moan of agony. Through a succession of bitter reflections he remembered a man who was evidently fatal to him, and who had called himself Barkilphedro.

He spoke in a firm voice; for he knew that the valet's ear would be keen to mark any evidence of his misery. When the man was gone, he rose up for the first time, and looked across the sunlit woods. A groan of agony burst from his lips as he gazed upon that beautiful landscape. He had brought his young wife to be mistress of this splendid domain.