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"Once in a while there is a dance in the hall over the drug-store, and on Sunday you can listen to a wretched sermon in the log church. The rest of the time you work or loaf in the saloons or read. Old Nature has done her part here. But man ! Ever been in the Tyrol?" "Yes."

I hastily poured the broth into a basin, and seizing a loaf of bread and a knife, dashed back to Angus. "Eat that now, Angus. You shall have something better by-and-by." He ate like a man who was nearly starving, as he had said. When he had finished, he said, "Now! I left France a fortnight since. I have not been to Abbotscliff.

John McCutcheon is the only friend I have seen, and he sensibly lives on a warship. I can't do that, as cables come all the time suggesting specials, and I am not paid to loaf. John is here on a vacation, and can do as he pleases. But I ride around like any cub reporter. And there is no news. Since I left home I have not talked five minutes to a woman "or mean to!"

North of all the cloisters are more corridors and rooms extending eastwards almost to the Templars' castle, but there the outer face dates mostly from the seventeenth century or later. The first part to be begun was the Claustro da Micha, or loaf, so called from the bread distributed there to the poor.

It is this gluten in the flour that stretches when bread rises and then stiffens when it is baked, making a light, porous loaf. Wheat is the only one of the cereals that has much gluten; rye has a little and the others practically none. Gluten seems to be essential to the making of a light, yeast-raised loaf.

One of the ceremonies consisted in parading, to the sound of musketry, an enormous loaf of consecrated bread, which, rising in tiers, was surmounted by a pyramid of verdure adorned with ribbons. After that the holy hand-bells, deposited on the step of the altar, were entrusted as insignia of office to the man who was to be the Green Wolf next year.

He had seen how cosily the old lady had spread her table in the little back room, where there was a stove suitable for any cooking he might wish to indulge in, and he longed for such a cosey meal. There were plenty of stock provisions in the house, which he had purchased with the rest of the goods, and he went out and bought himself a fresh loaf of bread.

We found five small kinds of sea-leeches; and among three kinds of star-fish, the Asterias Echinites, the large radii of which easily inflict a severe wound; another had the form of the Asterias Luna, was eight inches in diameter, without radii, and had more the appearance of a round loaf of bread somewhat flattened.

He takes one of the loaves that the boy furnished and breaks off it a piece, which immediately grows to as large a size as the original loaf, the original loaf staying as large as it was before the piece was broken off. And they leaned forward with intense scrutiny, saying: "Look! look!" When some one, anxious to see more minutely what is going on, rises in front, they cry: "Sit down in front!

A limitless resource against ennui, it refreshes, rests, and recreates, relieves the tension of our working hours, makes for health and sanity. "If a man find himself with bread in both hands," said Mohammed, "he should exchange one loaf for some flowers of the narcissus, since the loaf feeds the body, indeed, but the flowers feed the soul."