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"If we admit these six hypotheses," Aristarchus continues, "it follows that the sun is more than eighteen times more distant from the earth than is the moon, and that it is less than twenty times more distant, and that the diameter of the sun bears a corresponding relation to the diameter of the moon; which is proved by the position of the moon when dichotomized.

It is nearly 64 miles in diameter, and is enclosed by a mighty rampart towering above the floor at one peak on the W. to the height of 18,000 feet, and at two other peaks on the opposite side to nearly 16,000 and 14,000.

Fruit very abundant, borne in short, branched clusters, globular, perfectly smooth, with no apparent sutures. From 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter and either red or yellow in color, two-celled with numerous comparatively small, kidney-shaped seeds.

Separate the shell from the lining membrane at one end of an egg, over an area about one inch in diameter. To do this without injuring the membrane, the shell must first be broken into small pieces and then picked off with a pair of forceps, or a small knife blade.

They are each parts of a circle having a diameter of 10.9 millimetres a dimension which happens, by a singular coincidence, to be exactly the calibre of the old Chassepôt rifle, specimens of which are now on sale at several shops in London. Here is one, for instance."

They saw that they were rushing past a dark mass, that looked as if it was composed of heaped up, black rocks, piled in fantastic masses, with great chasms here, and towering peaks there. It seemed to be several miles in diameter, and looked like a great ball. "A small, dead world," remarked Mr. Henderson. "I suppose our planet will be like that some time."

What he actually saw, however, as was proved at the Mount Wilson Observatory in 1908, was the effect of a powerful magnetic field on radiation, now known as the Zeeman effect. The 150-foot tower telescope of the Mount Wilson Observatory. An image of the sun about 16 inches in diameter is formed in the laboratory at the base of the tower.

People are fond of drinking out of these vessels on account of the smell of the clay. M. Bonpland and I observed in a crocodile, eleven feet long, which we dissected at Batallez, on the banks of the Rio Magdalena, that the stomach of this reptile contained half-digested fish, and rounded fragments of granite three or four inches in diameter.

The walls, especially on the S., are very irregular, and include two large deep craters and some minor depressions. If the formation is observed when its E. wall is on the morning terminator, a fine view is obtained of the remarkable crater-row which winds round the N. side of Goldschmidt. Barrow is about 40 miles in diameter.

It was of about the same diameter as the entrance at the foot of the tree, and opened directly upon a large flat limb, the well worn surface of which testified to its long continued use as an avenue for some creature to and from this remarkable shaft.