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Doing this at home gave him the advantage of a saw. Then with these and two shorter boards, each two feet long and six inches wide, he sneaked out to Glenyan, and there, with some nails and a stone for a hammer, he fastened them together into a door. In the ground log he pecked a hole big enough to receive one of the points and made a corresponding hole in the under side of the top log.

The term of widest connotation is PARIN IGAT, which is equivalent to our cousin used in the wider or Scotch sense; it is applied to all blood relatives of the same generation, and is sometimes used in a metaphorical sense much as we use the term brother. There are no words corresponding to our words son and daughter, ANAK meaning merely child of either sex.

These two deities who divided the universe between them had each subordinate spirits or genii, who did their will, and assisted in the government of the universe, corresponding to our idea of angels and demons.

In order to the institution of the former, a tribune of the people by virtue of the judicial power pertaining to him had to take the case in hand and bring it to the bar of the people; the civil action was remitted by the senator who administered the corresponding praetorship to a jury appointed, according to the constitution of the tribunal in those times, from the ranks of the senate.

Otherwise the exactness of the parallel is great; and it is thrown the more into relief when we compare the corresponding passage in St. Luke. The quotation is completed in the next chapter of Athenagoras' work: Athenagoras, Leg. pro Christ. 12. For if ye love, he says, them which love and lend to them which lend to you, what reward shall ye have? Matt. v. 46.

The candlestick in the Tabernacle corresponded to the two luminous bodies, the sun and the moon, created on the fourth day; and the seven branches of the candlestick corresponded to the seven planets, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. Corresponding to the birds created on the fifth day, the Tabernacle contained the Cherubim, that had wings like birds.

"There is no more to be said then. Let us go, Senora Dona Maria." "Now, my dear niece," said Don Inocencio, half seriously, half jestingly, "since we have finished supper bring me the basin." He gave his niece a penetrating glance, and accompanying it with the corresponding action, pronounced these words: "I wash my hands of the matter." "ORBAJOSA, April 12.

Douglas, when he replied: "I think as circumstances change, the action of public men ought to change in a corresponding degree. * I am willing to depart from my cherished theory, by an Amendment to the Constitution by which we shall settle this question on the principles prescribed in the Resolutions of the Senator from Kentucky." In the House, Mr.

This is proved by the great number of works which he has published. But in his writings, his style is more calm, more smooth than that of his lectures. Each professor superintends and arranges the part of the collections corresponding to the science which he is charged to teach.

In the progress of science from its easiest to its more difficult problems, each great step in advance has usually had either as its precursor, or as its accompaniment and necessary condition, a corresponding improvement in the notions and principles of logic received among the most advanced thinkers.