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"It has been warm to-day, Ynez." "Si, Senora." "It is nearly three weeks since Mr. Worth left with Texas Joe for San Felipe, Ynez." "Si, Senora." "Do you know how far it is across the Desert to San Felipe?" "Si. I think three four day, maybe five, Senora." "It will be very hot." "Si, Senora. Las' year my sister's man Jose go for San Felipe. No much water. He no come back." "Yes, I remember.

His emotion, though not outright irritation, was akin to it. He was opening his lips to say curtly, "I do not play dice with women, señora," when Ortega's sudden outburst forestalled him. Kendric had barely had the time to register the faint impression of the odd sensation which this companion of Ruiz Rios awoke in him, when he was set to puzzle over Ortega's explosion.

Ah, senores," she said, dropping her voice, "I fear there was some treachery there." "Treachery?" I asked. "And have you any suspicions who might have played informer?" She hesitated. "I may as well tell you just what I suspect. I fear that the hold of Senora Mendez is somehow or other concerned with it all.

Mutually aiding one another, they mounted the wall and entered the place on all sides, although with the loss of some dead and wounded soldiers. The soldiers were stopped by a trench beyond the fort of Nuestra Senora, for the enemy had retreated to a shed, which was fortified with a considerable number of musketeers and arquebusiers, and four light pieces.

She bore a whole two months of wandering very well; she had that power of resistance to fatigue which one discovers here and there in some quite frail-looking women with surprise like a state of possession by a remarkably stubborn spirit. Don Pepe the old Costaguana major after much display of solicitude for the delicate lady, had ended by conferring upon her the name of the "Never-tired Senora."

When Ortegna discovered that his wife's jewels and valuables of all kinds were gone, he fell into a great rage, and sent a messenger off, post-haste, with an insulting letter to the Senora Moreno, demanding their return.

Are you sure you never heard the name of Maraquito?" "Quite sure," said Juliet, meeting his gaze so calmly that he saw she was speaking the truth. "Well, I understand how you got the photograph, but how did this woman get it? I never heard my aunt mention her, either as Maraquito or as Senora Gredos." "Was your aunt open with you?" "Perfectly open. She had nothing in her life to conceal."

Ruth was the ancestress of our blessed Saviour, and of the Virgin Mary." "Believe not the wicked one, Senora? She is blinded with false knowledge. She is a heretic. I have long suspected it. She has not been to confession for nine months." "You wrong me, father. Every day, twice a day, I confess my sins humbly." "Chito! You are in outrageous sin. But, then, what else?

It is a lonely place; only the brush cattle use it; but I said to myself, 'Panfilo drank here. He was here. Beyond there is nothing. So I will begin. God was my helper, señora. I found him his bones as naked and clean as pebbles. Caramba! You should have heard me then! I was like a demon! I couldn't think, I couldn't reason.

Scenes like this were not so unusual in his life, which had been lived largely among unruly passions. He spoke quietly to Luis and knelt to see if the man lived. The señora took comfort from his calm presence and with dumb misery watched his deft movements while he felt for heartbeats and for the wound.