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Through narrowed lids he studied the swaying paddlers and the piratical José. And in his mind echoed the whispered warning of Joao, delivered during the effusive embrace at parting: "Comrade, watch those bastardos Peruanos." Day by day the long canoe crawled into the vast unknown.

"Here is the hundred dollars, Don Jose," said Pedro, handing the gold to Wiles with a decidedly brusque intimation that the services and presence of a stranger were no longer required. Wiles took the money with a gracious smile and a wink that sent Pedro's heart into his boots, and was turning away, when a cry from Manuel stopped him. "The pot, the pot, it has leaked! look! behold! see!"

As the schooner arrived opposite the castle, a small postern leading out upon the jetty was opened, and an officer and six soldiers issued forth. Four men, who had been lying on their oars in a boat at the jetty stairs, sprang up. The soldiers jumped in, and the rowers pulled in the direction of the schooner. "Jesus Maria y José!" exclaimed the lady. "Madre de Dios!" groaned her husband.

Then then why then," a smile dawned in his eyes, and robbed them of that frigidity which had so desperately held them, "then I'll ask you to help me fix things with Father José so Jessie and I can break a new trail that don't head out north of 'sixty." Bell River lay far behind.

As I could learn nothing further I crawled away and went down to the place where I had swum the river before, and then crept quietly up to Dias, who was on the look-out; for although I had seen no one as I had passed before, there might still have been some of them on the watch." "You have done very well, Jose," Harry said. "We have learned two things.

Naturally the young man wished the guests to have the best of everything; one day when they visited a bathing place near by he used the family's newest carriage. Though this had not been forbidden, his mother spoke rather sharply about it; José ventured to remind her that guests were present and that it would be better to discuss the matter in private.

But there was something more; something startlingly unnatural; a great pillar of black vapor beneath it a livid red thing that leaped and grew. "Good God! The town's afire!" cried Benito. Benito's first thought was of Alice. He had left her sleeping. Perhaps she had not yet awakened, for the morning was young. Adrian had gone to San Jose the previous afternoon.

Near the watershed between the Juruena and the Gy-Parana he established his farthest station to the westward, named Jose Bonofacio, after one of the chief republican patriots of Brazil.

We walked across the park out of earshot, when José said in a whisper, as if still fearful of being overheard, "He is here again." "He!" said I; "who?" "Lureña. He went into Don Felipe's house half an hour ago." "Well, what of that? You know what my father said." I spoke boldly, as if there could be nothing in the business; but José smiled grimly.

"I've been watching that middle-aged gentleman who seems to be pressing close in on the flank of the crowd. There, see, he is speaking to Manuel, our purser, now, asking him some question. He looks up here at us; yes, and waves his hand, with a smile! That must be Señor José, all right, Frank."

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