It is rumored among magazine publishers that Don Keyhoe's article in True was one of the most widely read and widely discussed magazine articles in history. The Air Force had inadvertently helped Keyhoe in fact, they made his story a success. He and several other writers had contacted the Air Force asking for information for their magazine articles.

The viceroy, in obedience to the king's commands, equipped a powerful fleet, went on board himself, and cruised about the coast without being able to discover the Turkish vessels. Enraged to find that with this great preparation he should be able to effect nothing, he landed at Mazna four hundred Portuguese, under the command of Don Christopher de Gama, his brother.

The Senor Don returns not for a week. No one shall know until then of the honour that has been done to his house." The boys rode rapidly through the wood over a broad road that had evidently been traversed many times. The sky was leaden, but no rain fell. Nor was there any wind. The lake could not have been smoother were it frozen, although it reflected the grey above.

'Not yet, please, auntie! pleaded Daisy, 'I want him to be quite cured, and it will take at least till bedtime. Then we'll make it up to him. But Don had understood at last. It was this detestable thing, then, that had been telling tales of him and spoiling all his fun! Very well, let him find himself alone with it just once!

The volumes lay richly everywhere, making a pleasant disorder; and as perfume comes out of a flower, memories of singers and chandeliers rose bright from the printed names. "Norma," "Tancredi," "Don Pasquale," "La Vestale" dim lights in the fashions of to-day sparkled upon the exploring Gaston, conjuring the radiant halls of Europe before him. "'The Barber of Seville!" he presently exclaimed.

When she had finished Don Fernando recounted what had befallen him in the city after he had found in Luscinda's bosom the paper in which she declared that she was Cardenio's wife, and never could be his.

During the busy seasons of rural life, and especially at the joyous period of vintage, the family pass some time here, accompanied by numerous guests, at which times, Don Juan assured me, there was no lack of amusements, both by land and water.

Don Adrian is to be there." "He has decided that there are other ways of serving God than in the pulpit," remarked Stanley. "They talk of making him the master of the school ... if our committee can ever decide on a location and what's to pay for it."

Hard they were in line, fixed in expression, and opaque in color, these copies of famous masterpieces, saints of either sex, ascensions, assumptions, martyrdoms, and what not, and they were not quite comprehensible till Don Ippolito explained that he had made them from such prints of the subjects as he could get, and had colored them after his own fancy.

For vengeance is an emptiness and he that seeketh it wasteth himself." "Now tell me, Don Federigo," I questioned, "seek you not the life of this Belvedere that slew your son?" "'Tis my prayer to see him die, Senor, yet do I live to other, and I pray to nobler purpose " "Why, then," quoth I fiercely, "so is it my prayer to watch my enemy die and I do live to none other purpose "