Too late she had discovered that she didn't possess a dress fit to wear at any one's wedding, not to mention her own.

Of course, in this statement there is no mention of the lead buried deep in the earth, and that lost in the river. Entering a great bend, the swift current swept me so rapidly past Vicksburgh that a few moments later I was among the islands and tow- heads of the river. At noon the plantation of Mr. Jefferson Davis was passed.

'Now, do tell me, Gertrude, if it be so tell me, dear love. I know 'tis a hard thing to say, and Aunt Becky considerately began to fiddle with the ribbon at the back of her niece's nightcap, so that she need not look in her face; 'but, Gertie, tell me truly, do you like him; and and why, if it be so, I will mention Mr. Dangerfield's suit no more. There now there's all I want to say.

As he learned of the trip to Trumet and its results, his eyes and mouth opened, and he repeatedly rubbed his forehead and muttered exclamations. Now, at the mention of his lawyer's name, he seemed to awaken. "Hold on!" he interrupted, waving his hand. "Hold on! By the big dipper! this is is Where IS Peabody? I want to see him." "Here I am, captain," said the attorney.

Edmund gave a cry such as was not to be forgotten, and the sigh told how it had haunted his own pillow; 'but I had not thought that Gilbert was in a condition to notice it. Did he mention it to you? 'Yes, not long after I came, he thinks it was a call, and I have never known exactly how to deal with it. 'It is a case for very tender handling, said Maurice.

"There's the mention of two men who might know something of Ashton's habits," said Viner. "If Fosdick and Stephens are still in England and were Ashton's friends, one would naturally conclude that he'd seen them sometimes. Yet we haven't heard of their ever going to his house." "We can be quite certain that they never did from what the two ladies say," remarked Mr. Pawle.

'Very well; I have nothing more to say except that what I have told you has been said in confidence. 'Oh, of course. I shall mention it to nobody. 'Then I wish you good-day. Turning to the elder gentleman, he said: 'Good-day, Mr. Longworth. The old man raised his eyes rather abstractedly from the paper he was reading, and then cordially shook hands with Kenyon.

According to the Venetian legend, it was this identical effigy which was taken by the blind old Dandolo, when he besieged and took Constantinople in 1204, and brought in triumph to Venice, where it has ever since been preserved in the church of St. Mark, and held in somma venerazione. No mention is made of St.

We cannot conceal, conscript fathers, that when we had a Carthaginian garrison in our citadel we were exposed to many sufferings, of a shocking and shameful kind, from Hamilcar, the captain of the garrison, and the Numidians and Africans. But what are they compared with what we endure this day? I request, conscript fathers, that you will hear without offence what I am reluctant to mention.

"Sir," said he, "I ask your pardon for fainting in your presence; I know that it is not good manners, and I entreat you to accept my elephant in acknowledgment of all the kindness with which you have received me." He then related his adventures, taking good care not to mention the object of his journey.