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It might tempt me to satisfy your curiosity less speedily, but, after the delightful entertainment you gave us, my Lord Burgrave, one becomes merciful. So you shall hear how I, as wise as the serpent, craftily forced this haughty knight" she tapped Heinz Schorlin's arm with her riding whip "and you, too, Jungfrau Ortlieb, whose pardon I now entreat, to help me win the bet. No offence, noble sirs!

"You have been the one attachment in my life," the doctor went on, "and you cannot imagine how deeply my feeling is wounded by falsehood . . . . Come, I entreat you, Olga, for once in your life, tell me the truth. . . . At these moments one cannot lie. Tell me that Misha is not my son. I am waiting." "He is."

Pickings, who felt a mad and ungolfish desire to entreat him to caution, walked away to fight down his emotion. "Well?" he said, after the click of the club had sounded.

The governor, either afraid to meet these warriors in their own encampment, or deeming it beneath his dignity to attend the summons of an Indian chieftain, sent Roger Williams, with several other messengers, to assure Philip of his friendly feelings, and to entreat him to continue his journey to Taunton, as a more convenient place for their conference.

"To some hearts all things are possible." "You had a mother once," continued Charles, after a painful pause. "But she was good and kind; and she is dead. Know you how she died? Mine still lives and now it is I who die." "Speak not thus, I entreat you, sire!" interrupted Henry. "This is horrible!" "Horrible! is it not?" repeated the wretched king with the same harrowing laugh.

And he wrote to his friends in Asia, bidding them request to have Agesilaus appointed to command them in the war against the barbarians; which they were persuaded to, and sent ambassadors to Lacedaemon to entreat it. And this would seem to be a second favor done Agesilaus by Lysander, not inferior to his first in obtaining him the kingdom.

"HONORED SIR, I humbly entreat your pardon, though I can scarcely hope that you will think that I deserve it, unless which Heaven forbid! you saw what I did. I feel that it will be years before I can recover myself; and as to being fit for service, it is out of the question. I am therefore going to my brother-in-law at Melbourne. The ship sails to-morrow. Perhaps the long voyage may set me up.

"Take this," he said, handing it to the Roman, "I have here set forth all that I have told you, fully and truly with my own hand in the form of a petition. Such matters, as I very well know, are never regularly conducted to an issue at court unless they are set forth in writing. If the queen seems disposed to grant you a wish give her this roll, and entreat her for a letter of pardon.

Don't refuse my request, I entreat you, for the sake of our old friendship. If only you knew... but you shall know everything. Good-bye for a little while, eh? 'P.S. Be sure to come to-morrow. 'So your honour, am I to give Artiomka some vodka? Kister turned a long, bewildered stare at his servant's countenance, and went out without uttering a word.

Informed of the privacy in which Wallace wished to live, Monteith had never ventured to disturb it until this day; but knowing the steady honor of his old school-companion, he came to entreat him, by the respect he entertained for the brave Douglas, and by his love for his country, that he would not refuse to accompany him to the brave exile's castle.