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Let me go!" The words went into a deep sigh that somehow did not seem to end. Olga waited a moment or two, listening tensely, then rose and laid her very tenderly back upon the pillow. She knew that even as she did so, her friend passed through ... Slowly she turned from the bed, as one in a dream, unconscious of tragedy, untouched by fear or agitation or any emotion whatsoever.

They soon became so warmly attached to her that they ever were foremost in support of her power. One year had not passed ere Olga was seated as firmly upon the throne as Oleg or Igor had ever been. She then, leaving her son Sviatoslaf at Kief, set out on a tour through her northern provinces.

On Thursday we will bee-gin." The door closed on the maestro's benevolently smiling face, and on that other the dark, satirical face of Olga Lermontof and Diana found herself once again breasting the March wind as it came roystering up through Grellingham Place. "Look sharp, miss, jump in! Luggage in the rear van."

One morning, it was at the beginning of September, Fyokla, vigorous, good-looking, and rosy from the cold, brought up two pails of water; Marya and Olga were sitting meanwhile at the table drinking tea. "Tea and sugar," said Fyokla sarcastically. "The fine ladies!" she added, setting down the pails. "You have taken to the fashion of tea every day.

Three days after he had begun to go back to the hospital he had another mischance. "I have no luck, little mother," he said one day at dinner. "I had four dissections to do today, and I cut two of my fingers at one. And I did not notice it till I got home." Olga Ivanovna was alarmed. He smiled, and told her that it did not matter, and that he often cut his hands when he was dissecting.

Another day in a more secluded spot " No longer alone! Olga looked up with a gasp. Her face was no longer pale, but flaming red. She seemed to be burning from head to foot.

I can't attend to you properly if you do, and I shall probably spill blood over you and make a beastly mess." Again his insistence carried the day. Olga bandaged the torn hand without a murmur. "And now," said Dr. Max Wyndham, "tell me what you did it for!" She looked at him then with quick defiance.

Then I sit up very slowly, and wave first my right arm and then my left, and then both. I should like to practise that now on the sofa!" Lucia had just lain down, when the telephone sounded again and Georgie got up. "That's to announce a dividend," he said, and tripped into the hall. "Is that Mrs Lucas'?" said a voice he knew. "Yes, Miss Olga," he said, "and this is me."

Markham, whose nose had been narrowly missed by the flying slippers, drew back in astonishment. "Hello!" panted Hermia, laughing. "Reggie was chasing me, so I slipped over the balustrade onto the pergola " She stopped and looked with quick intuition from one to the other. "Sorry I blunder'd in here, though, Olga awfully sorry. Did I kick you in the nose, Mr. Markham?"

"You are not fit for it. Are you quite mad, I wonder?" "It had to be done," said Olga. "I must finish now really I must finish." She took his hand from her head and slowly raised it. Instantly that agonizing pain shot through her temples again. She barely suppressed a cry. "What is it?" he said. "My head!" she gasped. "And oh, Max, I do feel so sick." He stood up. "Come along!" he said.

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