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And he threw the box to Mr. Bobbsey. There was no time for words, but Mr. Bobbsey thrust a coin in the man's hand and all the members of the Bobbsey family looked their thanks. "Well, I declare, you can't see anybody," called out a good-natured little lady, trying to surround them all at once. "Aunt Sarah!" exclaimed the Bobbseys. "And Uncle Dan!" "And Harry!" "Hello! How do? How are you?

"It's your shipmate, Dan," she called laughingly. "He wants to talk with you, Dave." "I wonder how the fellow ever guessed that I was here," smiled Darrin, as he hastily joined Belle at the 'phone. "Hello," hailed Dalzell at the other end of the wire. "Going to do anything in particular this afternoon, David, little giant?" "Yes; I hope to make myself more or less agreeable to Miss Meade."

But now I’m going to tell you what happened to Bawly. He was hopping along, carrying the lemons, when all at once he heard some one calling to him: “Hello, little frog, are you a good jumper?” Bawly looked all around, and there right by a great, big stone he saw a savage, ugly fox.

There's nothing nothing that I don't give way in absolutely nothing! And I don't believe most men Oh, hello, Doris," Leslie broke off, gaily, as there was a stir at the door; "come in! Come in, Vera aren't you girls angels to come in and see the poor old sick lady!" Norma was still lingering when Acton came home, an hour later.

On the morning following the incidents narrated in the last chapter, Bob was sent up to make a fire for "the young marsters." He had just coaxed the coal and kindlings into a blaze, when Raymond awoke, and spying the negro, called out, "Hello, there! Tom, Dick, Harry, what may be your name?" "My name is Bob, sar." "Oh, Bob is it? Bob what? Have you no other name?"

Two officers climbed out of the car and walked quietly over to the old man, one on either side. They each took an arm and lifted him gently to his feet. "Hello there, Old Timer." "Hi, little girl." The old man looked around bewildered. He dropped his candy and tried to reach his knife. They mustn't interfere. It was no use. The officers were very kind and gentle, and they were very, very firm.

Here Grassette gave the signal to shout aloud, and the voice of the Sheriff called out: "Hello, Bignold! "Hello! Hello, Bignold! Are you there? Hello!" His voice rang out clear and piercing, and then came a silence-a long, anxious silence. Again the voice rang out: "Hello! Hello-o-o! Bignold! Bigno-o-ld!" They strained their ears. Grassette was flat on the ground, his ear to the earth.

"They'll drown," gasped Harry, as he watched the furious water battle. "Not them," sniffed Ben, "they are as much at home in the water as they are ashore. Hello!" he exclaimed, suddenly pointing, "there's your field-glasses again, Frank."

And the first night of their eventful cruise passed away, with everything well when the peep of dawn aroused them from slumber to a new day. "Hello, Maurice!" The call came from Thad, who had been the first to step outdoors after getting into his clothes. "What now?" came the muffled answer, for Maurice was pulling a sweater over his head at the moment. "Come out here, will you.

When I was writing leaders on the Saxville Citizen years ago there was a ruffian up in the composing-room who used to set whole paragraphs of my best editorials in em quads, and when I kicked, Hello, isn't that a lantern, A. A.?" They all scrambled to their feet and peered intently in the direction of the wooded strip that lined the channel. This whilom conversation came to an abrupt end.