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To quit work and apply for the first aid to injured never struck me. Ashore I would probably have called a doctor. The day before we left the yard one of my mates sprained his back lifting a box of canned meat. In civil life he had been a lawyer with a promising practice, his office being with one of the best known men of the bar.

He did not even break silence when Joe, taking him affectionately by the arm, led him aft to the skipper. "Me an' Dan, sir," said Joe very respectfully, "would like to go ashore for a little shopping. Dan has very kindly offered to lend that pore chap the money for some clothes, and he wants me to go with him to help carry them."

Its success is a tribute to the fighting courage of the soldiers who stormed the beaches to the sailors and merchant seamen who put the soldiers ashore and kept them supplied and to the military and naval leaders who achieved a real miracle of planning and execution.

"The fact is," said Martin, "our ship has been taken by pirates, and we two swam ashore, and lost ourselves in the woods; and now we have stumbled upon your dwelling, friend, which is a great comfort." "Hoigh, an' that's true," sighed Barney, as he finished the last slice of the pineapple.

The next minute the log was so close that the nimble-footed Ben leaped ashore and strode straight for the valiant Rutherford, who immediately threw himself in "position." His attitude was certainly artistic, with his left foot thrown forward, his right fist clinched and held across his breast, and his left extended ready to be shot forward into the first opening that his enemy presented.

"Ten wounded, major," he said sharply, "and not a man dangerously. I'll soon set them right. Steady there, my boys; lift them carefully." A goodly group had assembled by the landing-place when the men were brought ashore, the ladies being ready with fruit and cool drink for the poor fellows; and Bob Roberts, who had come to the landing-place with Captain Horton in the gig, felt quite envious.

Shall we take it?" Everybody seemed pleased with the suggestion, and presently they were in the gondola gliding over the water. They found it both restful and enjoyable. It was past noon when they stepped ashore again, and Ned announced that he was hungry and wanted something to eat. "You shall have it, my son," said his father.

"I don't take any chances," exclaimed the captain seriously. "When I'm in their damned port I don't go ashore." I did not again see Schnitzel until, with haggard eyes and suspiciously wet hair, he joined the captain, doctor, purser, and myself at breakfast.

The next wave turned the boat bottom upward, and emptied them all out. None of them ever came ashore alive. There were the rest of them all crowded together on the forecastle, the other parts of the ship being under water. They had seen all that happened to the boat.

The English residents here invariably call it Fireland a name I had never heard before, and which rather puzzled me at first. Whenever it is observed that a ship is in distress, or that shipwrecked mariners have been cast ashore, the signal-fires appear as if by magic, and the natives flock together like vultures round a carcase.