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Now examine Plate XVII. and the accompanying diagram illustrating the stance for the pull, and see how very materially it differs from those which were adopted for the ordinary drive and that in which a slice was asked for. We have moved right round to the front of the ball.

I had upon my plate, one thin slice of wheat bread, a bit of potato, and a very small cup of milk. This was my stated allowance, and I could have no more, however hungry I might be. The same quantity was given me every meal, when in usual health, until I was ten years of age. On fast days, no food whatever was allowed; and we always fasted for three meals before receiving the sacrament.

With these ideas firmly fixed he went aboard again, and going into the lonely foc'sle, climbed into his bunk and forgot his sorrows in sleep in a sleep so sound that the others, upon their return an hour later, failed to wake him, until Henry, as a last expedient, threw a slice of bread at him. After which everybody had to keep awake all night to mount guard over their lives.

Slices of bread are very thinly buttered, the cheese mixture spread on generously, each slice covered with another slice, and set away until the filling cools and hardens, when the sandwiches are toasted on both sides and served hot. Slice as many pieces of bread, from a round loaf, as you have persons to serve. Toast these slices and let cool.

Cross's new client was before a joint of cold beef, on the merits of which, combined with pickled onions, pickled by the identical hands of Mrs. Cross, Cross could not be prevailed upon to be quiet. "Not a bad bit of beef," said the stranger, helping himself to a prodigious slice. "Another pint of beer."

Season them with pepper and salt; flour and bake them in a stove, in a deep plate with a little butter over them. Tomatoes sliced with Onions. Pick the best tomatoes; let them stand a little while in cold water, then peel and slice them. To about six tomatoes, you may add two red onions, also sliced; season with pepper, plenty of salt, and a small portion of vinegar.

I trust you will make yourself some amends for the spare diet of yesterday." But this was no part of Lord Glenallan's system. Having saluted the company with the grave and melancholy politeness which distinguished his manners, his servant placed before him a slice of toasted bread, with a glass of fair water, being the fare on which he usually broke his fast.

Settle and have done with it, even if it does take a little slice off your granddaughter's fortune? Now look here" his voice became persuasive "why not take me into your confidence? Make a friend of me. You want advice; let me advise you. I can get you good investments far better than you know anything of good and safe investments at six certain, and sometimes seven and even eight per cent.

Slice into receiving dish, weigh one pound of fine granulated sugar and sprinkle it all over the apple, and so on until all are pared and sliced, allowing one pound of sugar to each very large pineapple.

But, of course, you must manage your own child in your own way." "If you please, papa, I had rather have some of those hot cakes," said Elsie, timidly, as her father laid a slice of bread upon her plate. "No," said he decidedly; "I don't approve of hot bread for children; you must eat the cold."