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Madame, avez-vous du vin? It isn't any use, Doctor take the witness." "Madame, avez-vous du vin du fromage pain pickled pigs' feet beurre des oeufs du boeuf horseradish, sauerkraut, hog and hominy anything, anything in the world that can stay a Christian stomach!" She said: "Bless you, why didn't you speak English before? I don't know anything about your plagued French!"

Hullo, Ame!" he said when the gentleman in question came back after ministering to his guest, "got the Prince o' Wales fixed up all right? Did ye cut that pickled el'phant that come last week?"

He was sound asleep and dreaming that he was Erik himself, and was thrashing the bailiff with a big stick. In Pelle's time, pickled herring was the Bronholmer's most important article of food. It was the regular breakfast dish in all classes of society, and in the lower classes it predominated at the supper- table too and sometimes appeared at dinner in a slightly altered form.

The best vinegar should always be used for pickling; in all cases it should be boiled and strained. The articles to be pickled should first be parboiled or soaked in brine, which should have about six ounces of salt to one quart of water. The spices used for pickling are whole pepper, long peppers, allspice, mace, mustard-seed, and ginger, the last being first bruised.

After sermon in the afternoon I fell to writing letters against to-morrow to send to London. After supper to bed. 23rd. All the morning very busy getting my packet ready for London, only for an hour or two had the Captain and Mr. Sheply in my cabin at the barrel of pickled oysters that the Captain did give me on Saturday last. After dinner I sent Mr. Dunn to London with the packet.

The only remaining memory of that visit was that the old doctor brought down from one of his shelves a large jar, out of which he produced a pickled human brain. I was thrilled with entirely new emotions. I had never thought of man's body as a machine.

Those are for spices; pepper, cinnamon, nutmegs, curry-powder and such things of which Arab housewives are very fond. The big bowl on the left probably has olives in it or other kind of pickled vegetables. On the right you can see the big pair of old fashioned scales on which he weighs his wares. I hope he is an honest man, although I do not think he looks very honest, do you?

These trees he destroys around him, but his uneasiness continues; he ascribes it to his food, the insipidity of the fish which he has eaten without salt, since his quarter of pork is consumed, and his stores of pickled fish exhausted.

The giraffes found a bush just high enough for them to eat from. The doves sat on the eaves of the ark, and Agamemnon brought some pickled olives, as he had no olive-branch for them. The children were never tired of seeing the camels kneel and rise. They made them carry little burdens, stones that were to be cleared from the field, chips from the henhouse.

In a country neighborhood, however, or after a long walk, a visitor is almost always glad to break his fast and enjoy a pickled oyster, a sandwich, or a cup of bouillon. The etiquette of New-Year's day commands, peremptorily, that a gentleman shall not be asked to take off his overcoat nor to be relieved of his hat.

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