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Rub the back as recommended above, using first a little hot vinegar, then the oil. The feet bathing may be every three days, and rubbing the same. If the swelling does not yield to this, place the patient comfortably in bed. Put a good-sized basin of hot water, which has been boiled and allowed to cool so far, tightly under the breast, so that it may be bathed with a sponge.

He inflicted on the poor penitenta harangue of pitiless length, stuffed full of the usual topics of the mutability of human affairs the eminent advantages of patience under affliction the folly of grieving for what hath no remedy the necessity of taking more care for the future, and some gentle rebukes on account of the past, which acid he threw in to assist in subduing the patient's obstinacy, as Hannibal used vinegar in cutting his way through rocks.

In short, he hoped that something might come to pass to make his daughter laugh. So the fountain was made; and as Zoza was one day standing at the window, grave and demure, and looking as sour as vinegar, there came by chance an old woman, who, soaking up the oil with a sponge, began to fill a little pitcher which she had brought with her.

I drew them out of the water which had escaped from the butt. Their flavour I guessed would be gone and all the vinegar which was so cooling and refreshing; but almost spoiled as they were, I was glad to recover them. I found, however, scarcely a fourth of the olives and pickles. The loss of the biscuits was the most serious.

"Your friend what's going to be married won't have this tidy. If you can't take fixed colors out of me, you don't have fixed colors for your bedroom, so there!" "You are awful quick and smart, miss, and I have heard tell that vinegar does it." "Vinegar?" "I have heard tell, but I have never tried it. You drink it three times a day, a wine-glass at a time.

"She has utterly ruined her complexion. Such freckles! such sunburning! and how stout she has grown!" Rose laughed. "Yes, I know I'm a fright. You must bring me something, Arthur. Toilette vinegar, or something." "Oh! it would not signify. You are quite beyond all that." "Here comes Will, with a letter for each of us, I declare." Arthur's letter was soon despatched, a mere business missive.

Hold asafoetida to the nose, or sacopenium steeped in vinegar; make her sneeze by blowing castor-powder, white pepper and hellebore up her nose; hold burnt feathers, hair, leather, or anything else with a strong, stinking smell under her nose, for bad odours are unpleasant to nature, and the animal spirits so strive against them, that the natural heat is restored by their means.

These consulted about it; and Theopompus says, it was Sciraphidas, but Ephorus, that it was Phlogidas, who declared they ought not to receive any gold or silver into the city; but to use their own country coin which was iron, and was first of all dipped in vinegar when it was red hot, that it might not be worked up anew, but because of the dipping might be hard and unpliable.

If Sainte-Beuve, however, calls the poet in his Nouveaux Lundis a "beautiful angel, who has been drinking vinegar," then the modern reader needs a strong caution against malice and raillery, if not jealousy and perfidy, although the article on De Vigny abounds otherwise with excessive critical cleverness.

"Clarke is full of hartshorn and vinegar," said Preston. "He was like that in America. He could make more trouble in ten minutes than a regiment could mend in a year. He is what you would call 'a mean cuss. But for him and Lord Cornwallis, I should be back in the service. They blame me for the present posture of affairs in America." "Jack, I'm glad that young pup ain't me," said Solomon.