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"I hate learned women." "Don't you like to learn things?" "That's another matter," said he. "A man must know things, or he can't get along. Women are different." "But I think it is nice to know things too," said I. "I don't see how it is different." "Why, a woman need not be a lawyer, or a doctor, or a professor," said Preston; "all she need do, is to have good sense and dress herself nicely."

"As soon as I think that, she shall go." The doctor was absolute in his sphere, and Mr. Randolph, moreover, she knew, would back him; so Mrs. Randolph held her peace, though displeased. Nay, she entered into a little conversation with the doctor on other subjects, as lively as the day would admit, before she de parted. Preston stayed behind, partly to improve his knowledge of Dr. Sandford.

You are too good to dance with them. There are plenty of Southern people here now, and lots of Southern cadets." "Mr. Caxton is one," I said. "I don't like him." "He is of an excellent Georgia family," said Preston. "I cannot help that. He is neither gentlemanly in his habits nor true in his speech."

Preston, meeting her in the High Street, "the Archdeacon's work may be over, but when I think of what the Church owes him " To which Mrs. Preston had said: "Ah, Canon, how you search for the Beauty in human life! You are a lesson to all of us. After all, to find Beauty in even the meanest and most disappointing, that is our task!"

"He's rested for good, poor man! He won't want no more liquor this life, I guess." Then more solemnly she ended, "He's at peace." Without further words Sommers went upstairs. The outer door was unbarred, and the door into the room open. Preston was lying, clean and quiet, in a clean bed with a fresh counterpane. His face was turned to one side, as if he were sleeping.

The evidence against him was not quite so clear as that on which his associates had been convicted; and he was not worth the anger of the government. The fate of Preston was long in suspense. The Jacobites affected to be confident that the government would not dare to shed his blood. He was, they said, a favourite at Versailles, and his death would be followed by a terrible retaliation.

"I will now take the names of the gentlemen present," went on the discipline officer, drawing a notebook and pencil from an inner pocket and commencing to write. "All except the fourth classmen present will at once fall in by twos outside," commanded Lieutenant Preston, closing the notebook and slipping it away.

I know not whether any men still live who count their descent from those two valiant captains; but if such there be, let them be sure that the history of the English navy tells no more Titanic victory over nature and man than that now forgotten raid of Amyas Preston and his comrade, in the year of grace 1595.

I expect nothing but she will be what do you call them? one of those people who run wild over the human race." "Pirates?" suggested Preston. "Or corsairs?" "Her mother will be disappointed," went on my aunt. "That is what I confidently expect." Miss Pinshon hinted something about the corrective qualities of mathematics; but I was too happy to heed her or care.

"Come back to the driving, Daisy," said Preston. "That is one thing you do know. And English history, I will bear witness." "What have you got there, Preston?" my aunt asked. "Some hoarhound drops, mamma." "You haven't a sore throat?" she asked eagerly. "No, ma'am not just now, but I had yesterday; and I thought I would be provided." "You seem provided for a long time " Miss Pinshon remarked.

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