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He apologises to a lady in a letter referring to another controversy upon the same subject in which he had used rather strong language about masculine 'superiority. 'When a beast is stirred up, he says, 'he roars rather too loud, and 'this particular beast loves and honours and worships women more than he can express, and owes most of the happiness of his life to them. By 'superior' he only meant 'stronger'; and he only urges a 'division of labour, and a correspondence between laws and facts.

Henley was unable to follow her drift, and, with his hat in hand and a puzzled expression on his face, he stood silent. "Why, for the last week, Alfred, Dixie hain't done a thing but fret and worry about the money she owes you," Mrs. Hart explained, plaintively.

But if the queen was duped on that point, she was not deceived on others. She knew that the duchess had no qualifications for the office; that she was neither clever nor accomplished. But her absence of any special qualifications was, in fact, her best recommendation in the eyes of her patroness; for Marie Antoinette had high ideas of the duty which a mother owes to her children.

"Something will go worse wrong with it, chief, if you go on like that. I thought the last one must have split it. Well, what know you about Cormac?" "That he appears to be a very good fellow. I can say nothing more about him than that, except that your son seems to think he owes his life to his good nursing at a critical point in his illness."

"I'll owe you an arm as long as I live, old man!" "And that big fish owes Uncle Sam a quart of gasoline and a good blue glass bottle," laughed Jack. "I wonder how it will set on his tummy?" "Now," Ned said, "I'm as wet as it is possible to get, so I'm going on shore to see if our Boy Scout left any mail for us. I'm getting anxious to catch up with the Lieutenant and his abductors."

This never makes its appearance till the insect has been a considerable time on the bush, and probably owes its existence there to an unhealthy condition of the juices of the leaf, consequent on the irritation produced by the coccus, since it never visits the upper surface of the leaf until the latter has fully established itself on the lower.

When the time comes near for his debt becoming due you will be able to notice by his manner that he is ill at ease. You shall then say to him that you know well enough what it is that is weighing upon him that it is the debt which he owes to the troll and cannot pay, but that you can lend him the money. The amount is six bushels just what you have.

Lars was in a boisterous mood and eager to share his triumph. "I knew that was a rich piece of ground," he chuckled, "and I knew I was handing those boys a good thing. But a fellow owes something to his friends, doesn't he?" "I thought you said it was low grade?" "Low grade!" Big Lars threw back his head and laughed loudly. "I never said nothing of the kind. Me knock my own ground?

To the eastern motherland he owes but the rudiments, the groundwork, already archaic and obsolete to him, of the speech he has to write; in his turn of art, his literary method and aims, his intellectual habit and temper, he is as distinctly national as the Fourth of July."

The wild and often other- worldly air of much of his work is doubtless due to his wild and other- worldly mind, but owes a considerable if uncertain debt to his reading of ballads and legends, which give a little to the substance of his work and far more to the tone of it. Among other things translated at this time he mentions the "Saga of Burnt Njal." He was not happy in London.