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Hurlbut's division was already on boats at this landing, having been ordered thither by General C.F. Smith on the evening of the 14th. The first step in the programme laid down in General Halleck's order of March 1st, the destruction of the railroad near Eastport, had failed, and events had now required a material change in the programme.

"We thought that we should like to be near you, colonel, if you do not mind." "Not at all. First, do each of you take a sip at my flask. "Leon, I wish you would find a few sticks, and try to make a fire. It would be cheerful, although it might not give much warmth." It was dark now. It was five o'clock when the 3rd division threw itself across Maucune's line of march, and the battle had begun.

Smith's Division of the 6th Corps. Richardson's Division....,, 2nd Corps. Sully's Brigade Sedgwick's Division, 2nd Corps.

It would require an entire volume to enumerate the various uses to which these two are applied by native skill. The division of the garden called the fernery is a delightful resort, presenting a collection ranging from the low-growing maiden-hair to the tall tree-fern with broad-leaved, tufted top and declining branches.

Captain Stephens and his two companions are prisoners. He is lying upon the ground without any cover over him, and his hands are bound behind his back. I see only one other, and he is wounded; the other must have been killed." "But there is no use in waiting here to-night. The band is divided into watches; and one division has lain down to sleep.

On the morning of the 16th, the leading division of General Howard's column, commanded by General Charles R. Woods, carried Ship's Gap, taking prisoners part of the Twenty-fourth South Carolina Regiment, which had been left there to hold us in check.

There was just one head of the division to which I could not refer it, viz., to sentiment; for, I suppose, music and poetry, which are the writer’s own examples of sentiment, have not much to do with Truth, which is the main object of Religion.

Kornilov charged that the Provisional Government, under pressure from the Bolsheviki, was playing into the hands of the German General Staff. Kerensky, backed by the rest of the Cabinet, ordered Kornilov's removal, while Kornilov despatched a division of troops, drawn from the front, against Petrograd.

To the left of the batteries, close to the battalion of Marines, Heintzelman bestrides his horse, near some of his own Division. To Major Barry's startling declaration, Captain Griffin excitedly shouts: "They are Confederates! Sure as the world, they are Confederates!" But Barry thinks he knows better, and hastily responds: "I know they are your battery-support."

It was the same stock that pulled through your Civil War. We have a middle-class division, too Scottish Territorials, mostly clerks and shopmen and engineers and farmers' sons. When I first struck them my only crab was that the officers weren't much better than the men. It's still true, but the men are super-excellent, and consequently so are the officers.