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You have been on duty more than twenty-four hours and it has been a terribly trying time for you all." Mary nodded. "I really feel better now, Doctor. I have been very anxious about Mr. Hartington ever since I knew that his corps had gone out, and I think suspense is harder to bear than anything. You will see I shan't break down again."

A fight must ever beat the most subtle psychology; and indeed those writers for whom the drama is the art of manufacturing excitement and suspense must find it difficult to compete with a lottery drawing, a prize-fight, or a horse-race, where the issue is known not even to the organiser of the excitement.

Oh, God! Were they both gone? Only for an instant more the suspense lasted, and then the cateclysm of fire came.

If you could guess the relief of hearing you were with him, after that suspense! But as if losing that subject in one she was still more eager about, 'What did he think of me? 'My dear, said Amabel, 'I don't think I am the right person to tell you that. 'You saw how it struck him when he heard of my share in it. 'Yours? Mamma never mentioned you. 'Always kind! said Laura.

Fifty times at least did I stand regarding him as he slept; and if I did not pity his plight sufficiently, you know the reason. What were Margaret's sufferings at this moment? Was she wringing her hands for her son lost in the flood, her son in disgrace with the congregation? By one o'clock no cannon had sounded, and my suspense had become intolerable.

The Mexican was some time, being apparently very much at his leisure, in lighting his cigarretto; and, during these moments of suspense, so quietly did Kit Carson and his companion lie on the ground, that Carson said, and still affirms, that he could distinctly hear Lieutenant Beale's heart pulsate.

The suspense was torturing.... To protect, to defend ourselves, was out of the question! There were six of them; and I hadn't even a stick! Should we turn back? But they would catch us up directly. Or else strangling with filthy cord... flung into a ditch...there to choke and struggle like a hare in a trap.... Ugh, it was horrid!

The title had been kept as it were in suspense ever since the attainder of her husband, the ill-fated Earl Hugh, though two persons had borne it in the interim without any genuine right. Three other peers were created, but they do not concern the story.

At last a court-martial was convened the first since the ever-memorable one at Knoxville, and we awaited its action with the utmost anxiety. A week of sickening suspense passed by, and no summons came for us. Then the court adjourned, and we breathed freer.

"Now that's something like," broke in Will, beaming around on the assembled company. "If you had done that from the first, Mollie " "Oh, Will, please hurry," Betty urged impatiently. "I know you have something good to tell us, and I wish you wouldn't keep us in such terrible suspense." "Well, since you appreciate how great is the " "Yes, yes, go on," Grace interrupted.