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Now it is true, that they may suppose that we have been sunk by the fire of the gun-boat. Well, what then? they have a gun-boat to show for their night's work, and it will appear that there was harder fighting than there has been, and Mr Sawbridge may benefit by it."

There is no discipleship without self-denial, both in the easier form of starving passions and desires, and in the harder of yielding up the will, and letting His will supplant ours. Only so can we ever come after Him, and of such sacrifice of self the cross is the eminent example.

To escape from this is the laborer's great ambition, and his mode of doing so consists almost universally in the purchase of land. He saves up money in order that he may buy a section of an allotment, and thus become his own master. All his savings are made with a view to this independence. Seated on his own land he will have to work probably harder than ever, but he will work for himself.

"Signed, Henderson," continued the big man. Edith shook her head. "Say, 'She is well and happy, and sign, Edith Carr!" she panted. "Not on your life!" flashed Henderson. "For the love of mercy, Hart, don't make this any harder! It is the least I can do, and it takes every ounce of strength in me to do it." "Will you wait for me here?" he asked.

His eyes were half closed, his lips compressed, the whole of his face wore a drier, harder, somewhat rougher expression. "My dear friends," he began, "I must ask you not to waste time, but prepare yourselves as soon as possible. You must be ready in an hour. You have to go through the marriage ceremony. There is no news of Paklin. His horses were detained for a time at Arjanov and then sent back.

A mistress of my acquaintance asked her servant boy, one day, what was the reason she could not get him to do his work whilst his master was away, and said to him, "Your master works a great deal harder than you do; he is at his office all day, and often has to study his law cases at night."

'Thy shoes shall be iron and brass, and these metals are harder than any of the rock that you will have to clamber over. Which being translated into plain fact is just this a tranquil heart in amity with God is ready for all the road, is likely to make progress, and is fit for anything that it may be called to do.

But the fighting blood of Roderick Duncan's father was surging in his son's soul, just then; and, in his day, "Old Man Duncan" had been a harder and a more relentless financier than ever his partner, Stephen Langdon, had become. "You will not insist, will you, Roderick?" the lawyer asked, as soon as they were alone. "I shall insist," replied Duncan, with decision.

Then Dad was sorry he hadn't built the trap stronger and used heavier logs. He tried to scare the bears by yelling, but the more he yelled, the harder they dug to get at him, and it wasn't long before he heard a mountain lion answering his shout and coming nearer every minute. The lion came down off the mountain, jumped on top of the trap and began tearing at the log's up there.

If I can only get him to see this we'll be all right." "It's worth trying," said Paul. That day the Indians went at their ceremonies harder than ever. They were in a perfect frenzy, but the vigilance of the guards never relaxed. There was no chance to escape.