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Tom in the pride of his heart must needs be helping his fellow-carriers, whilst labouring with them in the forests, till his wife told him he was a fool for his pains, and advised him to go and load in the afternoon, when nobody would be about, offering to go and help him. He listened to her advice and took her with him.

When he heard these my words, he turned to the fair maiden and said, "Bring this man water and what food there is ready." So she arose trailing her skirts, whilst the golden bangles tinkled on her ankles and her feet stumbled in her long locks, and she disappeared for a little while.

To which I would reply that whilst other literatures have represented or initiated change, there has never been a time when so many of the best creative intellects have consciously concerned themselves with this process, making change of conditions either their artistic subject or their deliberate practical object.

If you stand on one side of the large octagonal font, which is placed in the centre of the inner perch, and patronised by about 20 of the rising race every Sunday afternoon, you will be able to see everybody, whilst nobody can distinctly see you.

His manner was unmistakable. 'Well, I have other suspicions, repeated Edward; 'and if I only had the right if I were her husband or brother, he should be convicted of bigamy yet. 'The reproof was not needed, said Owen, with a little bitterness. 'What can I do a man with neither money nor friends whilst Manston has Miss Aldclyffe and all her fortune to back him up?

It may be well, whilst speaking of the remarkable continuity of the French occupation of the country in the vicinity of St. The brothers d'Amours, Louis, Mathieu and Rene, were residents on the St. John as early at least as the year 1686, when we find their names in the census of M. de Meulles. A document of the year 1695 shows that their claims to land on the St.

It is possible that a large number, nay, even a majority of individuals, in this country may be desirous of this change, but I see no reason, excepting that, for this measure being introduced or adopted. Whilst I thus declare my sentiments, I beg your Lordships to believe that I feel no interest in this question, excepting that which I have in common with every individual in the country.

"Let us take the eaglet from the basket, it is terrible to see how he glares! How did you get him?" Rudy was obliged to recount his adventure, whilst the miller stared at him with eyes, which grew larger and larger. "With your courage and with your luck you could take care of three wives!" said the miller. "Thanks! Thanks!" cried Rudy.

"On Thursday, the 10th September, 1874, at 9.30 p.m., in the gateway between the outer and inner harbour at Lowestoft, Suffolk, James Dorling fell overboard from the yacht Dart whilst she was making for the inner harbour in a strong half-flood tideway, the night very dark, blowing and raining hard, and going about five and a half knots.

The floor, waxed and polished till it was as smooth as a sheet of gleaming ice, caught and held the tremulous reflections of a hundred flickering lights, whilst from above, where the orchestra was snugly tucked away in the gallery behind a bank of flowers, came faint pizzicato sounds of fiddles tuning up, alternating with an occasional little flourish or tentative roulade of notes.

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