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Lizzie was longing for a little mock sympathy, was longing to show off her Shelley, and was very kind to Miss Macnulty when she got the poor lady into the recess of the window. "This is nice; is it not?" she said, as she spread her hand out through the open space towards the "wide expanse of glittering waves." "Very nice, only it glares so," said Miss Macnulty.

Elspeth gives the doctor a look which may mean much or nothing, and he glares at me as if I were in the way, and I glance at Aaron, and he is on tenterhooks lest I have noticed anything. "You may smile, Grizel," Tommy would say, "and now that I think of it, I can smile myself, but we are an eerie quartet at the time.

First the hushing of the wind, then the pale glares from the distant sky where the earth's edge joined it, then the rumble of thunder, growing in volume with the brighter, green flashes of the lightning all familiar enough to Whitey, but now giving him a thrill because felt in strange surroundings.

"No more kin I, Massa Nadgel," answered the negro, with one of those shakes of the head and glares of solemn perplexity with which he was wont to regard matters that were too deep for him. "Surely Van der Kemp is well able to take care of himself against any single foe." "Das true, Massa Nadgel, 'gainst any half-dozen foes as well." "Fear, therefore, cannot be the cause."

'Secret, then, if you will have it so, retorted Stanley, suddenly, with one of those glares that lasted for just one fell moment; but he instantly recovered himself. 'Secret yes but no secret in the evil sense a secret only awaiting the evidence which I daily expect, and then to be stated fully and frankly to you, my only darling, and as completely blown to the winds.

From point to point at a few yards' interval a milliard blinding flashes of dull crimson flames leapt from out the gloom like one gigantic sunset, casting sinister glares in ceaseless succession upon the heavy mist. Roar upon roar, blending, echoing and re-echoing like unto the roll of countless mighty drums, throbbed in one great deafening crescendo.

"No fear of that he rises, on his hind legs, and glares." "Is it a hyena or a bear?" "Oh, whichever you like he opens his jaws, and growls." "Like the wolf at Little Red Riding Hood." "I plunge my arm down his throat and choke him." "Clever, very; but are you not wounded?" "I beg your pardon, however; all my thoughts are centred in you I think of nothing else." "I am insensible, am I not?"

More than once that afternoon Hugh received warning words from some of the other boys concerning Nick Lang. "He isn't the kind of a fellow to forget and forgive, Hugh, remember," K. K. went on to say, with a shake of his head. "I've studied the beast, and I know how he's made up. Right now he glares at you every time he happens to come near.

Direct from the Inner Fact of things; he lives, and has to live, in daily communion with that. Hearsays cannot hide it from him; he is blind, homeless, miserable, following hearsays; it glares in upon him. Really his utterances, are they not a kind of "revelation;" what we must call such for want of some other name?

Not one in a thousand shows the elements of taste in dress; vulgarity and worse glares in all but every costume. Observe the middle-aged women; it would be small surprise that their good looks had vanished, but whence comes it they are animal, repulsive, absolutely vicious in ugliness?