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On this subject it would be impossible to overlook the names of Lever, Maxwell, or Otway, or to forget the mellow hearth-light and chimney-corner tone, the happy dialogue and legendary truth which characterize the exquisite fairy legends of Crofton Croker.

And he who is ready to sacrifice himself, to forget himself and become absorbed in the life that surrounds him, of which he is but an infinitesimal unit, to which he owes the best in him, has already achieved a larger peace than the pacifist dreams of. Consider what happened to the youth of France a little more than a year ago.

"I know you're brave, you couldn't be anything else," returned the girl, "but I know what Saturday morning in that study means. Mademoiselle, I'll do anything I can. No one takes any notice of me. I can slip out of the house almost any time I like." "Thank you, Marie. I will not forget."

But think of all the money some firms spend in newspaper and magazine advertising," answered Dick. "Some day we'll have to do some advertising ourselves," put in Tom. "That is, after we get our business in first-class running order." "And get our bonds back," added Dick. "Oh, say, let's forget those bonds for just one night!" entreated Sam.

"What do you regard as everything that is noble and upright, Chief?" I asked, curious as to his ideas. I shall not forget the reply; it was but two words astounding, amazing words. He said simply: "Clean fatherhood."

But give it all up I can't; I haven't the strength; it is in my blood, dear, and if I part from it I must die. "And then I like to be fondled and coaxed and kissed, and I want so much oh, so much to be loved! I want somebody to tell me every day and always how much he loves me, and to praise me and pet me and forget everything else for me, everything, everything, even his own soul and salvation!

"I can think of none, yet, stay;" and I felt some curiosity to try the power of which he boasted, "I have read that kings are blest with a most accommodating memory, and perfectly forget their favourites when they can be no longer useful. You will see, perhaps, if my father's name has become a Gothic and unknown sound at the court of the Great King.

Old and young, absent and present, the sick, the weary, the sin-burdened all were remembered with a warmth of sympathy, with a directness of petition, and with an earnestness of appeal that thrilled and subdued the hearts of all, and made even the boys, who had borne with difficulty the last half-hour of the long prayer, forget their weariness. The reading of Scripture followed the prayer.

He did not speak it: Mrs. Ashton would have laughed at his haste. "How long shall you remain away?" he asked. "Ah, I cannot tell you. I may not live to return. If all goes well that is, if there should be a speedy change for the better, as the medical men who have been attending me think there may be I shall be back perhaps in April or May. Val I cannot forget the old familiar name, you see "

I told you before we were married that I loved another man. I have tried to forget him, but as God is my judge, I cannot. I believe I shall love him until I die." They sat in the summer twilight, until darkness fell, and the lights gleamed through the leaves, and a deep, cool breath coming up from the sea stirred the leaves above their heads.