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Tears moistened her long lashes, but her lips smiled, as if in the blissful land of dreams she had found some solace for her grief. "A 'Sleeping Beauty' worthy the awakening of any prince!" whispered Alfred Vaughan, pausing with admiring eyes. A slight frown swept over Agnes's face, but vanished as she said, with that low-toned laugh that never seemed unmusical before, "We must pardon Mrs.

A sickly perfume assailed my nostrils, and the explanation of the hushed silence, and the ease with which we had thus far executed our plan, came to me. The cunning mind was torpid lost in a brutish world of dreams. Fu-Manchu was in an opium sleep!

When he entered the yew-circle, there she stood leaning on the dial, as if, like old Time, she too had gone to sleep there, and was dreaming ancient dreams over again. She did not move at the first sounds of his approach; and when at length, as he stood silent by her side, she lifted her head, but without looking at him, he saw the traces of tears on her cheeks. The heart of the youth smote him.

The words written in 1832 throw a flood of light on the subjects of his boyish dreams and the goal of his prophetic ambition.

It was too dark here after all to read Wordsworth, but that did not matter. The place, with its moist air, its tang of fir balsam, was like a perfumed room where a man might dream dreams and see visions. There was a soft murmur of wind in the boughs over him, and the faraway moan of the sea on the bar crept in. Roger surrendered himself utterly to the charm of the place.

It concerns a woman placed between two men who dispute over her. This woman, placed between two men, has dreams which appear to the author very agreeable. Shall we sum up, Mr. Attorney? Or is it necessary for me to quote you Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his Confessions, and some others?

But he had a very ambitious wife and daughter, and as the latter had been taking music lessons and cherishing rosy dreams of one day playing in church, the organ party felt that Mr. Fraser would not be quite immovable. Old John Hamilton, of course, scarcely counted. He said "aye, aye," in a dazed way when his daughters clamoured for his consent, adding that "he'd see what Andra said."

Profiting by the confidence of the scribe, Don Ramon had induced the latter to commit his oath to stamped paper; and then instead of the liver-coloured breeches had offered him an old hat in remuneration. This Cagatinta had indignantly refused. He was now lamenting his vanished dreams of ambition, his silly confidence, and the immorality of false oaths not paid for.

We climbed steadily for a couple of thousand feet, always in forest so wild and grand and beautiful as to exceed all dreams of what an African forest could be. It more than fulfilled the preconceptions of a tropical forest such as you see described in stories of the Congo and the Amazon.

"Yes, he'll die mortgaged. He's never paid me interest nor principal on my little loan, yet I'd increase it tomorrow if he asked me to do it," John Jacobs declared. "You are a blood-sucking Shylock, sure enough," Asher said with a smile. "I wish Jim would take advantage of you and quit his talking about the boom and his dreams of what it might do for him."

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