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I tell you they're waiting. If we are missed they'll think it doesn't matter what they think, you'll be my wife, and Ramon can't marry you then. We'll say nothing about it until your father is elected President." "Senor, one cannot be married in a moment. I am Catholic the banns " "I've thought of all that, but a civil marriage is binding.

Ysabel, wife of Ramon Enriquez, born July 20, 1875: died October 23, 1893 Much Moved Eighteen years old, married, and dead! a sad strand of color this, to run into my tapestry, gay with silver lace, coquettish fans, and high-heeled Spanish slippers. Eighteen years old, married, and dead; and muy querida, much beloved!

The missionary Fray Ramon Bueno asserts that he never remarked any alteration in the health of the natives at the period of the great risings of the Orinoco. The Ottomacs during some months eat daily three-quarters of a pound of clay slightly hardened by fire, but which they moisten before swallowing it.

Ramon went first to the ranch at the foot of the mountains which his uncle had used as a headquarters, and which had belonged to the family for about half a century. It consisted merely of an adobe ranch house and barn and a log corral for rounding up horses. Here Ramon left his machine. Here also he exchanged his business suit for corduroys, a wide hat and high-heeled riding boots.

In 1868, the year of the great uprising in Cuba, the most formidable outbreak occurred in Porto Rico. After two mouths of severe fighting the Spanish regulars were victorious, and the leader of the rebels, Dr. Ramon E. Bentances, who has since resided most of the time in Paris, was captured, as was also J. J. Henna, afterward a New York physician.

We could see through the trunks of the olives a clear distance of a hundred yards. Beyond this, the mezquite and the scarlet leaves of the wild maguey marked the boundary of the forest. It was equally puzzling to us whither the girls had gone, or whence "Pepe, Ramon, and Francisco" were to come.

Then he put back his head and drank. After that Ramon Garcia needed no coaxing to remain. He fitted into the throng as he seemed to do all things, gracefully. Since he could not spend his money to-night for wine and since spend it he must he ventured it pleasantly at the table where the dice rolled.

"I will go on to Torre Garda on foot," answered Marcos speaking in French so that the driver should not hear and understand. "There is a way over the mountains which is known to two or three only." "Uncle Ramon is at Torre Garda?" asked Juanita in the same curt, quick way. "Yes." "Then I will go with you," she said with her hand already on the door.

Another moment, and we had him at our mercy; I held down his head, while Ramon, astride on his body, pinioned his arms. "Now, look here, Yawl!" I said. "You have tried to commit murder and deserve to die; your comrade and accomplice is dead, but I will spare your life on conditions.

Ramon, reflecting that this was his son, set out to make the baby’s acquaintance, and became quite fond of it. He often played with it in the evening. He paid Catalina regular wages and she spent most of the money on clothes.

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