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In the great hall the chamberlain quitted him, telling him to take his ease and rest till the emperor should return, but instead the knight waited till he was alone and then plunged straight into the forest. He walked on for a little way till he reached a green space, and there he stopped and cried, 'Where is the Lady of Solace? Then he sat down on a stone and waited.

"For a necessary war resources could be found; but war ought to be shunned as the greatest of misfortunes, since it would render impossible, perhaps forever, a reform absolutely necessary to the prosperity of the state and the solace of the people." The king, to whom these wise words were addressed, lived to receive terrible proof of their truth.

"If in all these past seven years," thought he, "I could recall one instant of peace or hope, I would yet endure, for the sake of that earnest of Heaven's mercy. But now since I am irrevocably doomed wherefore should I not snatch the solace allowed to the condemned culprit before his execution?

They did not dare unbar the door and let him forth; they tried all they could to solace him. They brought him sweet cakes and juicy meats; they tempted him with the best they had; they tried to lure him to abide by the warmth of the hearth; but it was of no avail. Patrasche refused to be comforted or to stir from the barred portal.

To his memory all days were sacred; but one, that of his burial, marked itself for Jane as the point in each year to which her life was directed, the saddest, yet bringing with it her supreme solace. A day in early spring, cloudy, cold. She left the workroom in the dinner-hour, and did net return.

Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity: children love them; quiet, contented, ordinary people love them as they grow; luxurious and disorderly people rejoice in them gathered; they are the cottager's treasure; and in the crowded town, mark, as with a little broken fragment of rainbow, the windows of the workers in whose hearts rests the covenant of peace.

Then let the interpretation follow the solace, the encouragement, the hope for eternity! 'You imagine, said Godwin, with a calm air, 'that the mind of the average church-goer is seriously disturbed on questions of faith? 'How can you ignore it, my dear Peak? Permit me this familiarity; we are old fellow-collegians.

I know how fascinating solitude on this balcony can be." She smiled again, but gravely with a hint of the portrait's mystery. "Solitude is an excellent thing, monsieur, but to-night I think I need the solace of a fellow-being. Will you not stay and keep me company?" He looked at the smiling lips, the serious, searching eyes, and he spoke his thoughts impulsively.

Like an audible cry or the grasp of her hand drawing him to her, it went out from her, imperious, an appeal and a summons. Again she whispered his name; but she heard it only as the repetition of a solace and a solution, was not aware of forces tapped in lower wells of being. After that she felt curiously calmed, her wild restlessness gone, her nightmare terrors assuaged.

I have never been disposed to be niggard of cheerfulness; for it has always seemed to me that one of the duties of a writer is to supply solace in a world where, amid all the beauty, so many things seem to go wrong.