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Albert, aroused suddenly from his painful dreams, seemed hardly to comprehend what was taking place, seemed to ask himself, "Am I really awake? Is not this some hideous nightmare?" He threw a stupid, astonished look upon the commissary of police, his men, and M. Tabaret, who had not taken his eyes off him. "Here is the warrant," added the commissary, unfolding the paper.

I struggled frantically to regain control of myself; and, for what seemed an eternity, I fought with a horrible nightmare unable to move a muscle or even close my eyelids to shut out that sickening sequence of creeping shadows. Then I saw the doctor's hand reaching slowly toward my face.

I'm not a man of iron guts. Maybe I never shall be. It's hell to me to feel a shadow dogging my every step. Yes, you're right. It's been a nightmare, and now why, now it's real. But get your mind at rest. I'm going to fight Hellbeam all I know. And with the thought of Nancy, and the boy she's going to give me, I don't need a thing else. No." "That's how I figgered."

He lies under the weight of incubus and nightmare; he lies in sight of all that he would fain perform, just as a man forcibly confined to his bed by the mortal languor of a relaxing disease, who is compelled to witness injury or outrage offered to some object of his tenderest love: he curses the spells which chain him down from motion; he would lay down his life if he might but get up and walk; but he is powerless as an infant, and can not even attempt to rise.

They talk about self-hypnotism. Perhaps it was that. I know I made a most frightful effort saying 'Young Perch. I had to. I could see her that poor terrified thing. Something had to be done. Some one had to go to her. I said it like in a nightmare, bursting to get out of it, 'Young Perch. Come here. Anyway, there it is, Nona. I heard them. It was imagination, of course. But I heard them."

My stars! it was positively terrible to be within reach of so very sharp an eye! But before they reached the clump of bushes, one of the Three Gray Women spoke. "Sister! Sister Scarecrow!" cried she, "you have had the eye long enough. It is my turn now!" "Let me keep it a moment longer, Sister Nightmare," answered Scarecrow. "I thought I had a glimpse of something behind that thick bush."

If you are alone against the world, have you cause to complain? You have escaped the crushing yoke, fought your way through, like a nightmare in which one struggles and tears oneself out of the dark waters. You sink, choking, and all at once with a despairing effort you throw yourself beyond the reach of the wave, and sink exhausted but safe on the shore. These people wound me?

Well, that is what I feel about the treasure, and what I have always felt. It exists, and I shall find it now. I shall live to see more gold than you can even imagine, and that is why I still continue to breed horses on the Transvaal veld. Ah! you laugh; you think it is a nightmare that I breed "

The moody man-servant, with his monstrous black gloves, was almost a nightmare; Royce, the secretary, was solid enough, a big bull of a man, in tweeds, with a short beard; but the straw-coloured beard was startlingly salted with grey like the tweeds, and the broad forehead was barred with premature wrinkles.

He had suffered heavy loss by his Italian transactions; and hence the sight of an Italian was hateful to him, and the principal part in his nightmare would naturally enough be played by one of that nation. "What your father wants," I said, "is a good doctor and some calming medicine." "But Mr. Northmour?" objected your mother. "He is untroubled by losses, and yet he shares in this terror."

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