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"They are devoted to me to the death, and as I shall command them, they will watch over the security of the king and queen, and keep all injury from them." The queen detected the touch of scorn in these loud-sounding words, but she pretended to believe them.

After Mary returned to Scotland, the two queens were, for a time, on good terms, as professed friends, though they were, in fact, all the time, most inveterate and implacable foes; but each, knowing how much injury the other might do her, wished to avoid exciting any unnecessary hostility.

A pompous and conceited man, any slight to himself, any failure to accord a deference he considered his due, he felt sensibly as an injury; much more, then, an open defiance and direct attack.

Burton's conscience smote her not over-lightly, and she hastened to change the subject, and to devote herself assiduously to Budge, as if to atone for some injury which she might have done to his brother. An occasional howl which fell from the attic-window increased her zeal for Budge's comfort.

It was with difficulty I stammered out an entreaty that he would instantly depart, or suffer me to do so. He paid no regard to my request, but proceeded in a more impassioned manner. "What is it you fear? Have I not told you, you are safe? Has not one in whom you more reasonably place trust assured you of it? Even if I execute my purpose, what injury is done?

"What neither you nor I should try to prevent, m'sieu'," was Pierre's reply. "Magor will do the man injury?" "What would you have? Put the matter on your own hearthstone, eh?... Pardon, if I say these things bluntly." Pierre still lightly rocked the cradle with one foot. "But vengeance is in God's hands."

But you are always bristling, as if I did you an injury! The sun took up the affronted earth's cause, and threw a great sheaf of light across the ashen-coloured field, where dark and yellow patches were visible. 'Look at that black patch, said the sun, 'the hill was all black like that when your father sowed wheat on it.

Good intentions, unaided by knowledge, will, perhaps, produce more injury than benefit, and therefore knowledge must be gained, but the acquisition is not momentary; is not bestowed unasked and untoiled for. Meanwhile, we must not be inactive because we are ignorant. Our good purposes must hurry to performance, whether our knowledge be greater or less.

The rank of these illegitimate sons was placed just below that of the princes, of the blood, and just above that of the peers even of the oldest creation. This gave us all exceeding annoyance: it was the greatest injury the peerage could have received, and became its leprosy and sore.

Where fractures of the body of the scapula occur, heavy contusions have been the cause as a rule, and serious injury is done the subject; consequently, treatment of fracture of the body of the scapula is seldom successfully practised.

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