His satisfaction was somewhat lessened by the fact that Phil had felt it necessary that one of their number remain behind to stand guard over the camp, but Jerry was sure that he would have no great trouble in keeping away from Frank Willis, trusting that "Budge" would live up to his reputation. He began well, for hardly was the camp deserted before he went back to his blankets.

The others were untouched. Percy shook with fright and excitement. Lane was boiling with anger. "Let's take the Barracouta and follow 'em!" he proposed. "Cool off, Budge!" laughed Jim. "That's just a parting salute. Besides, they've got two guns to our one. Let 'em go! And good riddance to bad rubbish! See! They're on their way now!" The sloop's head swung to the north and she filled away.

An' he made his little boy Isaac, that he was going to chop and burn up carry the kindlin' wood he was goin' to set him a-fire wiz. An' I want to know if you fink that wazh very nysh of him?" "Well, no," said Mr. Burton. "Tell you what," said Budge, "you don't ever catch me carryin' sticks up the mountain, even if my papa wants me to."

The nigger drivers chaffed one another as the shells made melody above their heads, and made the air fairly dance with the picturesque terms of endearment they bestowed upon their mules, between the welts they bestowed with their long two-handed whips. When two of their leaders jibbed and refused to budge, they howled and called them Mr.

The descent appeared easy to the right of the fall, and the boy clambered down to examine her. She lay twenty feet or more or almost twice her length above the line of dried seaweed left by the high spring tides. Arthur Miles knew nothing about tides; but he soon found that, tug as he might at the boat, he could not budge her an inch. By and by he desisted and began to explore the beach.

I'm the law an' the policeman on my own account, an' if you budge from that floor till I tell you get up, I'll come over there an' set down on ye so hard, your wife won't know you from a pancake in the mornin'. I'll show you the power o' the press!" Sam Slawson was no coward, but his face was pallid with consternation at Martha's hardihood.

At nine in the morning of the next day we had our first opportunity of seal-hunting; a big Weddell seal was observed on a floe right ahead. It took our approach with the utmost calmness, not thinking it worth while to budge an inch until a couple of rifle-bullets had convinced it of the seriousness of the situation. It then made an attempt to reach the water, but it was too late.

Bessie can go if she likes, but I shall stop here and see the row through, and there's an end of it." Whereon, Bessie having flatly declined to budge an inch, the loyalists departed in a hurry, metaphorically wringing their hands at such an exhibition of ill-placed confidence and insular pride.

"Step on," commanded Barry. The stallion shook himself violently as a dog that knocks the water from his pelt, but he took no pace forward. "Satan!" The order made him sway forward, but he checked the movement. "I ask you man to man, Bart," said the master in sudden anger, "was there ever a worse fool hoss than him? He won't budge till I get on his back."

Not being yet quite in walking trim, I had pressed a mule into the service, who carried me in good style as far as the entrance to the town. Here, however, he seemed suddenly to remember that we had each a character to support, and, stopping short, he utterly refused to budge another step.