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Yes a great many people endure sharp twinges of discontent at the sight of Awning Avenue, people who can't afford to give parties, and who wish they could, pretty, sweet girls who never go to a dance in their lives, and long with all their innocent hearts for a glimpse, just one glimpse! of what seems to them inexhaustible, fairy-like delight, lonely folks, who imagine in their simplicity that all who are privileged to pass between the lines of hired tropical foliage aforementioned, must perforce be the best and most united of friends hungry men and women who picture, with watering mouths, the supper-table that lies beyond the awning, laden with good things, of the very names of which they are hopelessly ignorant, while now and then a stern, dark-browed Thinker or two may stalk by and metaphorically shake his fist at all the waste, extravagance, useless luxury, humbug, and hypocrisy Awning Avenue usually symbolizes, and may mutter in his beard, like an old-fashioned tragedian, "A time will come!"

The Pippin was a bad actor literally, as well as metaphorically. The Pippin, if asked, would probably still have styled himself an actor; but, though still young, his career on the stage had ended several years ago rather abruptly with a year's imprisonment! Jimmie Dale did not recall the details of the particular offence of which the Pippin had been found guilty, save that it had been for theft.

Within was the well-worn leather chair for customers, the guitar, then called a ghittern or cittern, with which a customer might amuse himself till his predecessor was dismissed from under Benjamin's hands, and which, therefore, often flayed the ears of the patient metaphorically, while his chin sustained from the razor literal scarification.

Is not this supposing, and certainly very gratuitously, that there are between France and the French between the simple, abridged, and abstract denomination of all the individualities, and these individualities themselves relations as of father to son, tutor to his pupil, professor to his scholar? I know it is often said, metaphorically, "the country is a tender mother."

"But I'm simply frightened to death to play opposite you." "Nonsense! I'll stick pins into you metaphorically speaking," declared Roberta. "I'll keep you up to it. Now go straight to bed no sitting up to talk it over with Ethel poor child! Good-night, dear, and don't you dare be afraid of me!" "Are you going to play the boots, after all?"

He no longer looked up; Imogen knew that by the fact that when, metaphorically, her eyes were cast down to meet with approbation and sweet encouragement his upturned admiration, vacancy, only, met their gaze. He no longer so her beam pierced further and further looked at her on a level, with the frankness of mere mutual need and trust. No; such silence, such watchfulness implied superiority.

Now there is not one of these expressions which is not somewhat bold; but the thing is either like that which you use metaphorically; or else, if it has no name of its own, the expression which you use appears to have been borrowed for the sake of teaching, not of jesting.

However welcome the four shillings rent, weekly, was from Brother Jarrum, Peckaby assumed a lordly indifference to it, and protested he'd rather starve, nor have pison like him in the house. Peckaby, however, possessed a wife, who, on occasion, wore, metaphorically speaking, his nether garments, and it was her will and pleasure to countenance the expected guest.

The galleries shall be cleared, and reporters and the public excluded metaphorically speaking," he added hastily, turning to the newspaper men, who wore a pained expression, "metaphorically speaking, of course." The skies journalistic cleared at once, and then Colonel Manysnifters, a born diplomat, whispered to the waiting porter, who nodded knowingly, and disappeared. "Senator, I thank you.

Nor can we admit the contention that the term 'aja' is meant to teach that Prakriti should metaphorically be viewed as a she-goat; for such a view would be altogether purposeless.