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One would glance twice at him anywhere, for in chin, mouth, and eyes were plainly pictured the signs of strength, evidences that he had fought stern battles, and was no craven. For good or evil he might be trusted to act instantly, and, if need arose, to the very death.

Bellward could easily have taken Desmond by the chin and forced his face up until his eyes came level with the other's. But he offered no violence of any kind. He remained in his stooping position, his face thrust forward, so perfectly still that Desmond began to be tormented by a desire to risk a rapid peep just to see what the mesmerist was doing. He put the temptation aside.

"Yes, that's so," admitted Charley, blinking and rubbing his chin, "but you know them women, Wiley. They're crazy, that's all, and the Colonel he told me special not to let them lose their mine." "Well, never mind the mine," said Wiley wincing. "I'm talking about this stock. Don't you think it's your duty, by George, as guardian, to turn around and buy it back?

Every one says, after all, that he is a nice fellow!" the tone was unconsciously patronising "It isn't his fault if he's been placed in this false position. But the great question for me is how are we going to manage him for the best?" She leant forward, her chin on her hands, her sparkling eyes fixed on her friend's face.

"I used to do lots of things like that. I used to whenever I felt like it. I could chin myself four times and Herbert only three. I was lots better than Herbert when I used to do all kinds of things like that." "Were you?" She laughed as in a musing retrospect of times gone by. "I guess I used to be a pretty queer kind of a girl in those days," she said.

He paused, with an upward tilt of the chin, but the tilt was the result of pure astonishment. Instinctively Jane turned to her escort. His chin was tilted, too, and his expression was a match for the stranger's.

Down he went like a nine-pin, but was up as quickly, and ready for Harberth who had rushed at him in the act of rising, while the referee shouted "Stand clear". As he came on, Dam fell on one knee and drove at his mark again. Harberth grunted and placed his hands on the smitten spot. Judging time and distance well, Dam hit with all his force at the bully's chin and he went down like a log.

Passing the 'S' drive, where the robbers had done their work, Dick found Harry Hardy just as Rogers had described him, on his back a few feet up the incline from the hand-pump that served to drain the low-lying part of the drive. His arms were thrown out, and his deadly pale face turned up, the chin pointing to the roof.

The man ambled along without haste, his jaws wagging industriously upon his tobacco, his iron-gray chin whiskers, from the wagging, flapping like a burgee in a breeze. He wore a round fur cap, quite bare of fur at the edges where the pelt showed shiny, and a red woollen tippet was tied round his neck and knotted at the back with the ends dangling down over his coat.

I've got intuition that's Celtic and mad," she added, with her chin thrusting out at her mother, to whom the Irish that her husband had been, which was so deep in her daughter, was ever a mystery to her, and of which she was more or less afraid. "I've got a plan, and I believe I know it will work," Kitty continued.