His early training, his bright beginning of life, had taught him to look to earth's principal fruits as his natural portion, and it was owing to a girl that he stood a mark for tongues, naked, wincing at the possible malignity of a pair of harridans. Why not whistle the girl away? Why, then he would be free to enjoy, careless, younger than his youth in the rebound to happiness!

He didn't exactly EVADE the subject of you and Anna, but he just said 'Yes? or 'No? when I talked of you " "I know exactly how," Julia said, wincing at some memory. "I touched him on the quick finally," Barbara pursued; "something I said about you made him colour up, that brick-red colour of his- " "I know!" Julia said quickly again.

"Put in your strength and help me lift good old Dick up into the road." "I guess I can do that job better," interposed Simmons, who had let go of the car. "Let me have the boy." Dick was borne up to the road in the deputy's strong arms. "Can you stand?" asked Simmons. "Put me on my feet, sir, and let me see," begged Dick. He took a few steps, wincing, his face white.

'You shouldn't torture me, he said, wincing noticeably under the incision of her words. Just for a fleeting instant her eyes were softened with a tender look of self-reproach. His heart warmed at the sight, but before he could convince himself that it was not a creation of his own fancy, it had passed, and once more she was holding him at bay with her impersonal abruptness.

In common charity to human nature, let us suppose the wretch is mad; because otherwise his miserable vanity would be too loathsome." I spoke with warmth and bitterness, which increased as I perceived him wincing under the degradation of my contempt. "If his motive WERE vanity," he said, "no doubt it would be horrible; but may it not have been revenge?" "Revenge!"

"The house is beautiful, all but the door," said sly Tom; "it is blistered." "I am quite content with it as it is," was the reply in a rude, supercilious tone. Robinson went away discomfited; he went doggedly down the street begging them all to have their doors beautified, and wincing at every refusal. At last he found a shopkeeper who had no objection, but doubted Robinson's capacity.

He took two or three steps, wincing painfully, to show what he could do. "Nothing but a hip bruise, or I'm guessing wrong," smiled the white-faced sufferer. "In any case, you're meat for a doctor," put in Deputy Simmons, with rough sympathy. "All right," replied Dick. "I'll walk to the doctor's office. How many miles is it?" "About fourteen," replied Simmons. "I'll bring the doctor to you.

Stroud he was the 'coming' man, and she told somebody else, and so it got to be true.... And he painted Stroud without wincing; and she hung the picture among her husband's things...." He flung himself down in the arm-chair near mine, laid back his head, and clasping his arms beneath it, looked up at the picture above the chimney-piece.

Her impulse was to raise her hand and strike him across his wincing mouth. What Nancy saw was a tall, thin, shambling young fellow whose face was pale with an emotion not at all complimentary to herself. He didn't like her! He thought her hideous! He despised her! So she read Peter's expressive eyes. She thought him a fool, to stand there staring at her like that, and she hated him.

Everybody knows it, and Jones, who likes popularity, grieves at the unfortunate publicity. But Jones is relieved from a burden which would have broken his poor shoulders, and which even Ferdinand Lopez, who is a strong man, often finds it hard to bear without wincing. It was admitted on all sides that Ferdinand Lopez was a "gentleman."