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That is the sort of speech which makes me wonder how geography is taught. It is on a par with the remark of a prominent Arctic explorer, that he had never been to Killarney because it was so far off. People, however, who go there apparently like it.

Her father! the thought of him was distraction! Her mother! Oh, if Leopold had had her mother for his too, instead of the dark-skinned woman with the flashing eyes, he would never have brought this upon them! It was all his mother's fault the fault of her race and of the horrible drug her people had taught him to take! And was he to go and confess it, and be tried for it, and be ? Great God!

"Yes, I have known Fairbanks, known him like a brother, since we were little boys at school," said Frisbie. "We began our A B C's together, when Mary Sanford taught school; and I remember we said, 'A, 'B, 'C, 'D, and so on, in a loud voice, both at a time. And that Mary Sanford you did not know her, did you, Squire?

When he was old enough to learn a trade, his father, not being able to put him out to any other, took him into his own shop, and taught him how to use his needle: but neither fair words nor the fear of chastisement were capable of fixing his lively genius. All his father's endeavours to keep him to his work were in vain; for no sooner was his back turned, than he was gone for that day.

Only the knee-strap of little Nikas, the journeyman, kept him from jumping up then and there and throwing himself down like Paul. This knee-strap was a piece of undeniable reality in the midst of all his imaginings; in two months it had taught him never quite to forget who and where he was.

"My half-day's work is done, And this is all my part; I give a patient God My patient heart. "And grasp His banner still, Though all its blue be dim: These stripes, no less than stars, Lead after Him." "Fair Lord," said Perrote de Carhaix, in the native tongue of both herself and the Duke, "I am your old nurse, who held you in her arms as a babe, and who taught your infant lips to speak.

They are such as the natural man understands not, and cannot discern what they are, because they are spiritual and holy; and therefore they that are not taught of God savingly to form a proper judgment of them, do think and judge of them carnally and vainly. But believers have them written in their hearts beforehand.

This was played by the elves, or hill folk, and any one who had a fiddle, and went there, and promised the elves that they should be saved, was taught in a moment how to play; but those who mocked them, and told them they could never be saved, used to hear the poor elves, inside the hill, breaking their fairy fiddles into pieces, and weeping very sadly.

She was hurried through different rules without having been able to do a single sum with accuracy. I would wish her to be also taught geography if a proper master can be found; but suspend this till the arrival of the major. It is remarkable I that you should find yourself so soon discouraged from writing, because you had written one letter before you had received one.

But neglected children, that is, those that are left to themselves, are almost always very disobedient and unsubmissive. Caleb, now, was not a neglected child. He had been taught to submit and obey, when he was very young, and his grandmother could trust him now.

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