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There were two straight columns of it lifting into the sky above the jungle. "There!" cried Jimmie wiping the sweat from his face, for the morning was hot and the work had been arduous, "if there is a Boy Scout within ten thousand miles he'll know what those two columns of smoke mean." "Of course," said Peter. "If he's ever been out camping."

"Of course Jimmie and I can form a club all by ourselves, and he can be the officers and I can be the members, but we'd rather have a menagerie of large size, as we are going into the mountains of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee." The boys who had not yet spoken were on their feet in an instant, all clamoring for membership in the Boy Scout Camera Club.

"Cover your face with a handkerchief, anything, and run to the LEFT to the next flight of stairs. There are two flats above this we'll make the roof if we can. Now are you ready?" It was an instant before she answered, an instant in which she lifted her face to his, and held his face between her two hands and then: "I am ready, Jimmie."

They had tried the plan of paying something to a neighbour to stay with the babies; but the first they tried was a young girl who got tired and went away, leaving the little ones to howl their heads off; and the second was a Polish lady whom they found in a drunken stupor on their return. But Jimmie was determined to go to meetings, and determined that Lizzie should go along.

Jimmie and Teddy passed over the summit to the west of the camp and took their way down a difficult incline toward the headwaters of the Greenbrier river. They traveled some distance, walking, sliding, creeping, before they came in sight of a copse which appeared to be worth looking over for wild game.

It was a hell's choice they had given the boy to rob his father, or go down himself, and drag his father with him, in ruin and disgrace! What would the boy do? Jimmie Dale was working silently at the back door now. It opened, and he stepped inside.

Jimmie Dale reached the house and casually, without hesitation, mounted the steps and quite as casually, making a pretence of ringing the electric bell, opened the unlocked outer door, stepped into the vestibule, and, without a sound now, closed the door behind him. He tried the inner door tentatively. It was locked, of course but it was locked only for an instant.

Jimmie Dale, for the first time since the first communication that he had ever received from the Tocsin, did not immediately destroy her letter now. He slipped it into his pocket and stepped quickly from the room. In the cloakroom downstairs he secured his hat and overcoat, and, though it was a warm evening, put on the latter since he was in evening clothes, then walked leisurely out of the club.

By implicitly following Mary's advice we saw everything safely placed in the vans and move majestically from our door. Then we betook ourselves to the Waldorf, with our "glad rags," as Jimmie had commanded, in our suit-cases, and dined in state, and went to Weber and Fields afterward. Jimmie wanted me to hear Weber persuade Lillian Russell to invest in oil. Now at that, the Angel and Mrs.

"Your sister sent me to tell you that there is a house-boat up near the Island flying the American flag and we are all going up there to see it. Would you like to go?" "Thanks so much for your invitation," said Jimmie, "but I've got some guests coming in half an hour, so I can't go." "I'll go. Just wait until I get my hat." One boat contained Bee, Mrs.

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