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"Why, the time those Indians charged our cave, and Joe and I, and Munson and his crowd were getting ready to fire point-blank at them, there you stood, with bullets whizzing near you more than once, grinding away at the handle of your moving picture camera as hard as you could. Hard work huh!" "But we got the films," declared Blake, not caring to go too deeply into an argument.

Now, I always take proper pride in my self possession, and to show how calm I was, I got out my camera, and as the two warriors came chasing up to the fifty-foot limit, I snapped it. I had taken a landscape a minute before, and I do not think that the fact that that landscape and those Indians appeared on the same plate is any proof that I was in the least upset by the red men's onset.

We made the same mistake here. We've never asked her to do an equal share of the work, or made her responsible for a single thing. We were always afraid she couldn't do it. Now you see Aunt Clara made her responsible for that camera and took it for granted that she'd keep it dry and, of course, she did. I guess everybody would be a hero if somebody only expected them to."

Hadley had taken all the moving pictures possible, owing to the struggle taking place out of range of his camera, he left the apparatus, and joined his friends. "Well, we got 'em!" cried Tom Cardiff, as he surveyed the line of prisoners, fastened together with ropes. "Every one of 'em, I guess. You're a nice crowd!" he sneered at big Hemp Danforth. "A nice lot of men to be let loose!"

And Wayne would never know how unmaidenly she had been. Before she had come within a thousand yards of the place where the carcass of the cow was lying she slipped from the saddle and picketed Gypsy. Her lunch she left tied to the saddle strings; camera and field glasses went with her. Already, in the fast advancing summertime, she had donned her hunting costume.

I haven't had a photograph taken since I was a medical student, and I wasn't prepared for so short a trial. But, even so, I felt the desperateness of the situation. Doubtless that will show plainly in the final result." "Mine is a discreet camera, and doesn't tell all it sees, so it is possible it may keep your reluctance disguised."

The camera man was figuring up footage or something, and his assistant was hurrying to get the tripod folded and put away. There was a new briskness in the movements of every one save Luck himself, after he spoke that last sentence through the megaphone. The Happy Family or that part of it which had thrown away pitchforks and taken to the pictures came clanking across the stage toward Luck.

One instant a wolf would be lying flat on his side, his long legs outstretched on the moss, his eyes closed in the sleepy sunshine, his body limp as a hound's after a fox chase; the next instant, like the click and blink of a camera shutter, he would be standing alert on all four feet, questioning the passing breeze or looking intently into your eyes; and you could not imagine, much less follow, the recoil of twenty big electric muscles that at some subtle warning had snapped him automatically from one position to the other.

All the marvels of steam, of electricity, of the camera, of the telescope, the microscope, the spectroscope, the Roentgen rays, all the facts and forces with which science deals were there, in the hand of Mother Nature, waiting to be imparted to her child from the day when he first stood upright and faced the stars. Slowly he has been led on into a larger understanding of this wonderful universe.

"I kept the battery box connections and clockwork inside the small camera I carried. Tonight all was in readiness. The dynamite was planted, and I set the mechanism. But something went wrong with it. There was too much of a delay. I came back to change the timer. I broke the string connections you made, and I was caught by the camera. The news had, somehow, leaked out, and I was caught.

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